Good time of day dear friends, today we will talk about topical)) let's Talk about what most infuriates women men, actually the list is quite huge and to list all, I can't, but I'll give you the main points, the so-called TOP.
I guess the main thing I would point out that infuriates women men, this is probably a total gambling. At the moment, is that most of the male population stuck on some computer games, porn sites, online casinos, betting on sports, shooters, etc. Some clients spoke about the fact that lowered a fortune on different games and with all these all collapsed.
the Second point is that women very much hate that a man does not develop to anything not seeking, and lies like a bear on a sofa and drinking beer foam).
Women hate that men stare at other women, women hate that man ceases to be inventive and introduces nothing new into the relationship. The woman is very angry when a man looks after himself, and looks unkempt. Neat Zippy not easy to find)).
I can understand them, they are absolute right, men in your most of them are very lazy creatures)).
will ask the question to our beautiful women and ask them. Please tell me, and the man became so unkempt, not neat, not promising gamers, she or he and her was.
If it was before your relationship, then at some point, you just may turn a blind eye and wanted to change it. Here women, I think that says do not feed bread, give your log to polystrate)). And as without Pinocchio? This is one of the typical traits codependent woman, to find a troubled man and begin builds a relationship with him, to make a Man of him.
do Not forget that any a harmonious relationship, are built from two people who have this harmonious relationship, primarily with themselves.
And then people, whether together, or separately, they go about their individual lives, their interests, Hobbies, put your goals, Hobbies and it becomes boring for them, regardless of whether there is another person or not.
Yes, it is different in quality, but it's not boring here the mistake of many codependent relationships, the partners are trying to convert each other by themselves, motivate the user to refuse his / her values, interests, Hobbies, in addition to the other person in his life no one was present, and then that person loses any value to them they "upset", or change.
Therefore, initially, many reproaches against the men related to codependent relationship, in which each wants to whittle your piece of wood, forgetting about the price you have to pay for it. So as the saying goes, "New house built of bricks" and the relationship with partnership and Union of two personalities))

All good of love and happiness))

Packs Anton
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