When "Do Not Want"


there Are moments or even periods in life when nothing want. All that happened before will not bring any emotions, and I have no strength and energy.


you May have too many doing something forced, from a sense of duty.

Maybe you're just tired physically or emotionally. You failed, disappointed, did not receive gratitude, admiration, recognition for your work.

Maybe you were "not there" or have lost the meaning of your work or even your life, you ceased to feel the value of the results.

Perhaps you are afraid to take responsibility for the outcome, I am afraid that will not work or afraid it will.

you May unwittingly ban yourself want because the desire seems unrealistic or too difficult to implement.

Probably the first thing to do is to want something to want!

so, if you are going to find something that will lead you somewhere forward and inspire, then try these few ways:

1. Don't do nothing. That is right at all. No Internet, books, television, communication and so on. You can sit, lie down, eat, go to the toilet. Be aware of your thoughts, to live feelings. Perhaps very soon you will want to.

2. Do something just like that, without thinking how useful, how important it is for your larger goals, without thinking, whether it is a deep sense.. And do as much as you like. Even if you one minute to read a book, to two minutes did the cleaning... as if it is Important to listen to yourself, and your inner motivation and to ignore the disturbing thoughts, "you can't", "You must (should)...", "So wrong" etc....

3. Do every morning one interesting technique. Take a sheet of paper and a pen, set the alarm for 15 minutes. Write the title: what I really want. And then write, without stopping, everything that comes to mind. Do so 10 days or for as long as you don't fall. You will understand the answer to your question special feeling of uplift and inspiration.

4. Another way. You need to imagine the life you want in five years. Describe what surrounds you, what you do and so on. The image must be alive with colors, sounds, smells... the Way you really like it to come from the heart! It is very important not to "invent" as it should be. And to feel!

5. Another "extreme" technique. Imagine that you left to live one year. Write 5 things that you did. And now the same thing, you just left one day. And another list: you have one hour...

6. Understand yourself. Often in the absence of desires are fears. For example, we are just afraid to want something. After all, while we do not claim our dreams as if we are invincible and strong. After all, if our desire is not fulfilled, then everyone will see how we are "ridiculous and naive losers". There may be other causes: an inefficient setup, the effects of childhood trauma, unexpressed anger. In individual work we usually understand in greater depth and detail.

And it is important to remember that the absence of desires is completely normal and natural. It's holiday time, search for resources or new meanings.

Daddy's Olga
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