Last time, I think a lot about choices and change. About global life choices.

Usually we don't have to choose between bad and good option, because in this case it would have been obvious and, in fact, the selection process would not exist. You take a good option and be done with it. But no, that life did not seem honey, you have to choose either of the 2 good options any of 2 options are roughly equal in negative consequences.
And at this point you understand that whatever choice you do, your one and only life will now change forever. No, not so. You yourself, with your own hands change her. You yourself do something, and you yourself are going to face the consequences. And there's nothing I can back off, and have no one to blame if anything. And you feel unspeakably terrible and bitter by the fact that saying something is "Yes", you automatically respond to anything else, and no less meaningful "no." br>
How to support yourself in these moments, what to pay attention? Sketched the most important, in my opinion, paras.
1. Be aware that if the situation has reached the point that a person has to make a choice, it is a sure sign that the person is "ripe", that in a past life, not all of his suits. In other words: no, what you want a better life does not mean that you are snickering or getting laid. Just since you said your soul (your unmet needs). Hear it.
Next. To consciously and carefully make a decision, need something to do with the fear of a) losing the last life, and b) the fear not to survive in the new. Therefore, the following items are as follows:
2. Realize that the life that you have now is not a result of some coincidences. This life you built yourself. Maybe not consciously, but nevertheless it all made you. Having done it once, you will be able to repeat all this, if suddenly your new life also will not have to organize and want everything to return to normal (the main thing to understand how you did it).
3. Understand why you feel helpless in the face of new situations and remember that your resources can help you. What resources do you have now (external or internal)? Which of them you might need in your new life? Think about them, develop them, rely on them. And if you have resources that are not assigned yet?
And one more thing: life's challenges give rise to the need to respond to them. That's exactly what we develop. In such moments we feel that we live in.

And how you make choices, how to cope with the change?

Ksenia Kondaurova
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