Imagine the situation: one day a woman who always came out excellent pancakes, and I had to bake the yogurt and condensed milk (sometimes pancakes are baked from the remnants of dairy products...mistress knows mistress will understand). What was her disappointment when the first pancake was lumpy...the second not to turn...third - breaks.

- Strange frying pan...heat is good...the consistency is correct, oil is sufficient...add more flour...

And again the same problem...

"you Need to somehow save the situation," thought the woman, and not too lazy, went to the store for milk.

In the dough she added the milk, more flour and vanilka to flavor dispersed throughout the apartment, all carefully mixed and went to tempt fate.

- "Well! That's it!" exclaimed the woman. br>
the Pancakes one by one came out ruddy, hot and beautiful. The woman was pleased that despite the fact that at the beginning of her pancakes didn't work, she was able in the end to make taste as good as it always has. Let it took longer than usual. May was a bit nervous. But the result has not kept itself waiting.

And the moral of the story: if you didn't get it right first time, try to exert more effort and to influence the situation in different ways, and there is a way out for sure!

And pour the batter.

And let us fantasize on how differently (with a "-") could respond the woman and what would be the result in the end!

1. The woman was so much upset that ruined products and in a bad mood would have been the end of the day. Summary: spoiled the mood.

2. A woman could "hit the ceiling", pour the batter and then the whole evening to take it out on family over the fact that she had a bad day. Summary: battered nerves themselves and relatives, who are innocent.

3. She decided that pancakes would no longer be easier to buy ready-made at the store. Summary: despite the earlier good results, this situation somehow triggered the rejection from your favorite things.

you Delicious pancakes and great ideas!

Interested in reading your scenarios, especially the ideas of men! )))

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