⠀⠀If we turn to the interpretation of the concept of mental health, we find that a healthy person is not someone that does not have a psychiatric diagnosis, and the one who is in a state of well-being, and fulfills its potential.

⠀⠀Thus, if the state of inner peace and well-being, you need to see a specialist, able to return the feeling of fullness of life and interest.

⠀⠀Below you will find 11 situations in the case of which it is recommended to go to a psychologist.

⠀⠀1. Walking in a circle.
You can regularly change jobs, but each time after a certain period of time, you experience the same emotional anguish, lack of energy and lack of interest.
a Similar situation can be observed in relations with the opposite sex. One breakup after another and each subsequent partner is similar to the previous one: violence, infidelity, alcoholism, etc.

⠀⠀2. Extremes in relations with parents. From conflict and isolation to the total control and dependence. If you do not communicate with their parents or, conversely, spend way too much time to the detriment of the hobby, hang out with friends or with your partner then this is a good reason to go to a psychologist.

⠀⠀3. Fatigue, lack of mood, anxiety, irritability or tearfulness. The presence of any of these conditions is a reason to seek qualified help.

⠀⠀4. Finding your place in life. If you have no clear understanding of who you are, where you are and what you do, if you do not feel that you live your life, then look for the answers better with a specialist.

⠀⠀5. Excessive consumption of alcohol or food. If you notice that regularly drink or eat more than planned, and then accuse yourself of incontinence or lack of control, it is necessary to investigate the causes of such breakdowns. With a specialist to do it safer and more efficient.

⠀⠀6. The workaholism. If the work takes in your life is key. If all the power, energy and time spent on your career. If you Wake up thinking about work and they go to sleep, life balance is clearly destroyed. An objective look by a psychologist and his questions will help to look at the existing situation from the other side and find a way out "wheels", which you now run for wear.

⠀⠀7. Undue risks. Unprotected sex, aggressive driving, inflicting self harm: alcohol, junk food, cuts on the body. If you often find yourself in situations in which there is a risk of injury, while flaunting bravery and courage, then you should look for the reasons of this behavior.

⠀⠀8. Taboo or secret. If your life was or is there some situation about which you never said: this is not to say or indecent, that psychologist is the person you can tell anything. Do not carry in themselves the heavy burden of the events alone.

⠀⠀9. Health problems. If you are being treated for any disease, but all to no avail and the doctors just shrug, then with the psychologist you will be able to detect the different cause of your illness a Psychological or emotional conflicts can also be the cause of somatic illness.

⠀⠀10. Sleep disorders. If you have difficulty falling asleep, night restless sleep or do not sleep at all, haunted by thoughts and concerns, and in the morning I get out of bed, you should go to a psychologist to balance your emotional state.

⠀⠀11. Experienced or are experiencing stress. If you are faced with difficulties or in your life was an unpleasant and tragic events: betrayal, divorce, death of a loved one, then do not stay alone with the emotional pain, consult a specialist.

⠀⠀experience shows that the sooner you seek help of a psychologist, the faster you regain peace of mind. Do not tighten with a visit to a specialist.

⠀⠀Live life to the fullest!

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