When loneliness surrounds. Looking for a way out together.


Many people can feel lonely. Loneliness does not necessarily mean a complete or partial isolation. Loneliness may experience the within the circle of family, close friends, loved ones... In this moment comes, only one question... why? Why is this happening and why is it me? We can feel alone when we understand that our social needs are not met. Loneliness is an internal, subjective. When we talk about loneliness, then we are not talking about what's going on outside, but about what is happening inside. It's all about how we think and feel.

Loneliness is our experience, sense of social exclusion. The reasons are varied. Maybe someone is dealing with the loss of someone with bullying, and someone with a serious life change. All similar experiences share a common root – the communication gap, but more importantly, they share the perception that lack of emotional connection we should have with others. How we all perceive, closely comes from our past, from our experience and our injury.

We all know that loneliness also comes from the forced limitations of social impact. For example, think about the effects of solitary confinement, which may include emotional distress, perceptual distortions and self-harm. Our need for relationships is very strong, as if we did not try to deny it. Today, many studies show that emotional intelligence, defined as the ability to identify and manage emotions may be the strongest factor influencing feelings of loneliness. In other words, our understanding of and positive responses to emotions are important to protect us from unwanted solitude.

Let's think about how we can use emotional intelligence to overcome feelings of loneliness?

Determine the cause.

It may not be so simple, but still try to analyse and understand whether you have social skills, is self-isolation or maybe had a traumatic experience? As soon as we are able to find the cause, we can start the path to recovery.

Check your thinking.

As I wrote earlier, loneliness is an internal experience of how we think and feel about the situation, and so it is very important to check our thinking. You must make sure that we are reasonable in this situation and not overreacting or wrong.

Openness to new experience.

This is a very important skill for work, especially if often the feeling of loneliness is present in life. Trying to do something new, bring you new experiences and new relationships. This is often true of those areas that people do not even consider.

Development of new rituals.

everyone in life there are old friends, with whom little contact, although in the past the connection was much better and performed better. Refer to them, will renew these contacts, it can be old friends, acquaintances, colleagues. Just find out how they're doing, what's new happened in your life. Start a tradition or ritual to connect with someone who didn't really speak, or try to become part of a group that shares your passions and values. The important thing is that don't hide all the time in social networks on the other side of the screen. Change yourself and meet with someone at least once a week. Beginning to be difficult, it may be procrastination caught by surprise before, but get together and still try to maintain this direction.

Hello. It is I.

it is Important to also learn to spend time with him alone and learn to feel comfortable in our own company. We don't have to constantly be with others, to enjoy life. It is very useful to notice the feelings that arise when we're alone. What happens when we change the environment around us or how we feel when doing something without someone we know.

the Commitment of the above-described action can ease acute feelings of loneliness and will be an important element for the successful achievement of goals. Do not forget that social ties are important but also important is the relationship with ourselves.

And as always, I have to say that if you are not able to independently overcome the feeling of loneliness and it affects your quality of life, it is strongly recommended to seek help and psychotherapy, in turn, is one of the most effective forms of self-support.

Happiness to you, dear readers.

best regards, Stanislav.

Stanislav Malanin
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