When neither words of support or advice.


Many people familiar with the situation, when you see, feel, feel life your life went the wrong route and got you where you wanted to get. You look at Instagram and see that other people's lives much more successful, beautiful, happy. These people work at jobs dream, resting several times on the sea or ocean, in the mountains, their Friday and weekend filled with interesting events and meetings, parties and trips to the coffee shop with delicious food, beautiful interior and a stunning view from the window. At some point you notice that this life is the same "ordinary" people, even, perhaps, your acquaintances. Outwardly, their lives are no different from the lives of Hollywood stars... And you want the same life – intense, interesting and happy.

You start looking at your life with regret and question: "What went wrong?" Maybe worth to another profession, but now it's too late to learn – you need to think about earnings. Or leave work and finally be able to do their job, but this requires startup capital. To go to another country, because the corruption and bureaucracy, but it's not easy Packed my things, boarded a plane and flew away. Or, as they say, "you can't escape yourself"? Or is it the parents, which is something not given in childhood?

When all these issues cease to fit in the head, and emotionally you fade away with every hour spent at the computer screen or smartphone, you decide to talk about their anger, regret with friends and family. And suddenly I hear something like this: "look! You have everything – a beautiful wife/great husband, you have healthy children, you live in his apartment, got a car. Yeah, maybe you don't get out much on vacation, but I can afford to go to the movies, restaurant, museums... Think about what very many people on Earth to even dream of something like this can't." And your wife or your husband encouraging you, talking about your talents, achievements. But all the talk you seem to be nothing more than an attempt to calm you down, cheer up. But the main goal they don't achieve – you don't believe in their talents nor their capabilities, nor those personal qualities which you say it.

All you know for sure your not the life that you dreamed of. And let all friends, family, colleagues, lovers all you people, Yes that there – all the people on the planet will tell you that it's not so bad, you wouldn't believe. Why? Because you do not believe in it. You can't tell yourself: "Yes, I'm fine, even great! I have all of what I say, and it's not so little! And if so many people care about me, I try to do something to help, then I must be lucky!"

This situation can be called "zeroing" - when any number of people that believe in you and see that your life is good, and if it is some difficulty, you can handle them, but you yourself do not believe. To "zero" your family life, your Hobbies, your career, your belief that you can change.

But this situation is the opposite, more optimistic side. No one but you knows how to get out of it. You yourselves have the knowledge that will help me to cope, to find the resources and opportunities to move up. In psychoanalysis a very stuck idea Freud that the patient up to a certain time just doesn't know what he actually knows.

Kozhemyakin, Maxim
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