When not helping prayers


I Have such period in my life lasted about 15 years. I still can't say fully that merged with his divinity back, and feel his Supreme guide in life. Apparently, the Lord sometimes sends us trials and much testing.

the First thing that happens in such complex and unexpected moments of life is the man immediately flies with his the social ladder. Maybe you will not become suddenly poor and sick, but God will find ways to humiliate you. If he decided to humiliate you, you'll find the most painful for you the kind of this social humiliation.

What a person feels when they are ousted from their society?

Earlier, in ancient times, so did the villagers, when he was excommunicated from his community, and banishes the accursed members of their village for the unseemly act of overseas buildings. A person can lead in different ways in such cases. He could build his own house rejected on the same mountain or field where passed the border, or to try to cling to other tribes. But in addition, the local shaman conducted a ritual of excommunication from the ancestral roots of the village, and in small village communities are all relatives. This ritual became a punishment for a former tribesman, and that's what killed him and, in fact, as would have been a gap in thinking, which man could not cope now he's still here, and then live as you want.

We are more rich in social and other relationships that contemporaries often can not understand - how so? He ordered some idiot to go, to obey, and he actually died near this gate. But the fact is that the ancient tribes believed in this ritual, and even an outcast, believed. That is why it existed in their mentality and every time would bring the desired result.

Perhaps I will surprise someone, if I say that modern methods of expulsion from the village or city, have become the most sophisticated?

And may we not believe in them, but they give each time again, the same result as it is not paradoxical, and at the present time.

Who is coping with the aftereffect of prayer, curse, or prayer-exile - those people who know the ethnic characteristics of the actions of this "spell".

Yes, I had a period when I was absolutely mortified and humiliated, and didn't know what to do.

the Curse and the priest of the Church where you always go, and trust him. But that's what your hands and ingenuity, as you will handle it, then this reasoning would be the most correct.


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