do You know the condition when they don't want and little that happy? When the world turns gray, and you're in it - meaningless grain of sand? And do you remember what was different, but now that is well and nothing can be done. Bad nights sleep, woke up, and thoughts do not give sleep - and can't stop this endless wheel in the head....

This thing - call it what you want - discouragement, depression, weariness of life, the understanding of-what they live and what to do next - is detrimental to us. It's an unpleasant and seemingly hopeless condition can last for years....

it is No accident the Church believes despondency is a mortal sin - because, indeed, this period laid the beginning of the sometimes fatal disease.

So from this swamp have to come up. Actually deal with them, and there are ways to do it.

to Be among vibrant, living, active people, our mirror neurons believe these emotions with other people and make our. Love of life is contagious!

Creativity at this point - just salvation. To do what you like - bake Apple pie with walnuts and cinnamon and lined with beautiful apples like nobody knows. And feed her household and guests. Finally buy watercolor paper and watercolor and drawing "in the wet". Or at least clean the closet and make room for new things. It is also creativity - to dress.

you Can go to a psychologist and find the root cause to return to the moment when he lost interest in life. And to work with those situations is that they don't affect you today. It is also an option.

Or to do what is never done is to go to another city, to travel by bike around the country, you should start watching the nearest anthill around the clock – not the fact that will help, but worse you'll do, and so are not very.....

In any case - try to believe me - is condition ( which is exposed and the most successful people - Winston Churchill wrote about depression in his diaries) is not always going away soon and need something to do.

Try to regain the joy and meaning of life, it is possible!!!

Eugene Avetikova
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