Our body – is a complex mechanism, in which there is a lot of processes every second. The second part is the continuation of the explanation of those pains that appear in our body due to mental strain, stress. And then the body speaks to us through pain.

Pain in elbows

pain in the elbow joints appear in people with a stubborn nature. Of course, stubbornness in some cases, helping to achieve positive goals. But it so happens that people because of his stubborn nature refuses any changes in life, or hiding from something new and unknown.

Perhaps life seems to you a continuous period of difficulties and trials. In fact, there are things we cannot change, and to deal with them – thus wasting your energy for nothing.

Pain in hands

Discomfort in their hands often have closed people suffering from lack of communication with friends. Try to make friends with someone – at work, school, or just in the social network. Volunteer feel like a part of society – friendly and United by one goal. Hands are responsible for close and deep fellowship. 

Discomfort in the hips

one painful area of the body in people who are afraid of change. These are the people who cling to a habitual way of your life, live mode and never leave the comfortable “sinks”. They are hard to cope with unexpected events, do not accept anything new and are afraid to solve important problems.

If you belong to this type of people, I would recommend you to study easier to approach life. Nothing stands still, life moves forward and develops. It's natural, and it's impossible to stop.


This problem is typical of selfish people, for whom life in the first place is only a personal “I”. Everything else has no importance for them. They do not know how to be compassionate, to be patient, to care for others. Such people should learn to attend to the world. You can sometimes help close, or to enroll in the volunteer movement. Pride is living in lap and creates pain in this area. Very often, being in a relationship a woman is experiencing an unconscious conflict. On the one hand it is bound to man, the other does not accept it. Such a conflict will give pain in the knees. Very often it occurs in women positioning their independence. 


the Pain in the shins – it is a symptom of strong emotional tension of the person experiencing jealousy in relationships. Such people find it difficult to trust anyone, they can't keep personal boundaries and to feel other people's boundaries. It's the owners who think their partner completely his own, not allowing the thought that it will have to share with relatives and friends. Here lies a deep sense of insecurity, the fear that the partner will find someone better and dump you. Try to relax, because he is now with you, so his choice – you.

Pain in ankles

this problem affects people who live in a constant rush and the desire to please others. And about themselves, their needs forgotten, not giving them a special value, and delay on “ever”.

we must Not forget about yourself. Trying to help everyone around you lay your own life on the back burner. If all your time consuming job, take a vacation and finally visit the place he dreamed of. Buy yourself something that is long wanted, no matter what it is – a bike or very high calorie delicious cake. Let me spend one weekend in the running of household Affairs (if not vital), and in taking care of yourself and your internal state – visit an exhibition, or spend the day at home alone, turning off all the gadgets and lounging on the couch with a book.


For those who are in a long and deep apathy, pain in the feet – the usual thing. If the problem you have, we can assume that the important decisions about moving forward (in relationships, work or other area) you are given very hard. Most likely, you are afraid of the unknown future, while his present is also not very happy. You always something lacking… Feet represent a very early unmet security needs. You do not seem to feel the support feet. 

And the lack of the positive emotions – no Hobbies that would bring joy, and generally life seems dull and boring… You just don't have the ability to find joy in the little things, enjoy every moment of life. Take a look – around wonderful world, beautiful, full of small pleasures and beautiful things.

Be open to the universe and to the world, and your life will Shine with bright colors!

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With love,

Irina Gavrilova Dempsey


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