When the chief spoils life


Milan has consulted with its history.
I'm working as a translator and making editorial changes requires special preparation. Before you open edit, I lock the house and turn on the music louder, so the neighbors couldn't hear my loud mate. Yes, these may say "edit" is such a completely ignorant, ignoring the rules of punctuation and even grammar. Their logic eludes me is not the first year. A month he (editor) replaces everywhere one synonym for another, but next month - on the contrary - a synonym of the second replaces the first. In General, the logic of these "edits" I probably will never understand...How do I reconcile with these "corrections" as not to want to strangle the "editor" whenever I see them? Options a conciliatory explanation, he also wants to eat, well, it's not his fault that he did not know the Russian language, he is a moron, what's it gonna take?
For those who ask me how I feel when I see "edits"- I feel cognitive dissonance. I don't understand why I have imposed this "editor" is and why he makes these retarded fixes... I need it all streamlined, but I can't.
Difficulty Milana occur due to the mixing of contexts - personal and professional.

on the one hand, we are talking about the result of the creativity of Milan, translations bear the imprint of her personality, her attitudes, tastes and literary preferences, it's her brainchild. When someone changes what we believe his, it causes anger because it violates our borders: the other as if intruding on our territory, in norm it causes anger and desire to restore your rights.
on the other hand, works in the Milan Company, where she and her editor is part of the system. The company is looking for orders, working with clients, provides them with the finished product, she decides that this product will be. Milana's responsibility ends with the preparation of the translation, for this she receives a reward, the fate of this text in the hands of the Company. Or your place will have to accept it or go into freelancing, with all its consequences.
This is the problem of balance of freedom and responsibility that we all have to solve in their lives. br>
However, to take its place in the system does not mean to completely submit to her. To avoid the feeling of powerlessness before the inevitable edits, Milan could psychologically separate from his creation before giving it to the editor. In the creative process the artist and his work is a unified whole, thanks to the talent of the artist, his skill and experience, the work becomes original appearance. But as children grow up and leave home, the artist's work leaves him. And the talent, skill and sense of beauty will forever remain with him.

Asel Borisov
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