When the child is not enough time...


And what's the time? For somebody money, for somebody life. Actually, it's a conventional unit, so understanding a lot and a little too each his own.

I once watched a scene in friendship Park Volgograd-Baku: on the bench sat a mother and daughter years 2, turning backs to each other, each buried in your gadget. Mom was looking into some pictures, the girl poked a finger at the flashing point. They sat together on one bench, but can such activities be called "together"? After a time each of them is individually. In addition, the experience of the flow of time due to age difference they are also different: children time passes and adult passes.

the Modern reality is that many parents have a lot of hard work. Do the work is more time than interacting with the children. Many parents begin to feel this guilt and try to optimize his life in order at work and home to be the best as possible. And yet, returning to the scene of the Park, let's answer frankly that is more important than the amount spent next to mom/dad time or quality? I hope that for many the answer is obvious.

In dealing with children, as in everything in life, balance is important. There are parents who just "disappear" into their children and when the child grows up and goes to an independent life, parents ' life ends there is even a term in psychology – the "empty nest syndrome".

There is another extreme when the child is loaded circles, he was engaged in Tutors, babysitters, grandparents, and parents rarely appear, as a celebration, if ever, appear. adult the child will not be able to build warm and trusting relationships with aged parents, even if they are absolutely necessary. In this relationship there is a sense of duty, responsibility, but not love.

Raising children, of course, it is not necessary to forget about yourself and remember that not the amount spent with the child time matters, but quality. The quality of time depends on the age of the child.

Kids are important emotional and tactile contact with parents. They are still so close to nature that even the smell can separate her from someone else. Hold him in your arms, even when he sleeps. Laugh with him, be surprised together when they are awake. Preferably every day, even for a few minutes, and the portion needed love from you he received.

the young child has already a lot of his own works, he runs, wins space, it can not long sit on one place. Playing catch-up, viewing objects, showing what you hit and which one to roll and the child unconsciously understands: "I need you, I love my mom or my dad taught me,"

When you take a child from kindergarten, the way home is also a wonderful time you spend together. Of course, it is important to know what he ate for lunch and what he thought of the afternoon, but more interesting for a child to play with you. There are so many games that you can play on the way home with the help of which you can pin the colors, the names of streets or trees, to learn the expense, to see signs of the time of year, etc. to Speak of kindergarten situations that caused pleasant emotions in the child or Vice versa – the feeling of resentment or anger.

For example, older children love to play "Day shifters" when parents play the role of the children, (and at this time I can lie on the sofa, as the physical resources of their body, the weary work must also restore), and the children play the role of parents and perform feasible duties: watering flowers, think of what the family will do during the day that it would be necessary to prepare for the potluck. In addition, these days form the child's independence and responsibility, give confidence and learn to take care of.

Children students can show your love and add a few pleasant minutes when you raise them for school in the morning. Better to do it not the commander shouting "Rise!", together and organizing a fun romp. In this age it is important that you have formed some sort of occupation that you will at least once a week to do together. This can be a simple walk along the waterfront or in the Park, fishing, crafts, Hiking on rides or watching your favorite movies, then you will discuss together, sharing opinions, maybe argue about something, after all their understanding of plot and motives of characters.

Sometimes, even your employment is an educational moment. A famous psychologist once shared with us at a lecture an incident from his life. It worked, as all beginning teachers in order to provide for his family, gave lectures in two Universities echnical and evening, and on weekends writing a dissertation. In the shower all the time felt guilty in front of his twins for what nothing to do with them. Somehow in the day kids played out, began to make noise and suddenly stopped. He turned in silence and surprise: the guys were sitting on the carpet and stared at him. After a short pause one of them said, "Dad, you write, write, we understand how this is important to you and that all you are doing for us. We'll keep it down to behave". Then he realized an important thing: children are much smarter than we think, they feel a true relationship even no matter how much time the parents spend with them.

Every free minute, busy with a joint activity or enjoyable pastime, aimed at creating a sense of unity that brings together all family members. Even if you just sing along song in the car on the way to the circle, go family in a bookstore, choosing books to your taste, will answer the question that interests the child is all important moments in the joint communication of children and parents. The main thing for moms/dads to not be boring and didactic.

and Like simple things, but very necessary. The time given to the child must meet age requirements and be of high quality, and then the amount of time relegated to the background. In addition, the employment of parents will show your child how important it is to make just time; time spent together, and teach the most effective use of it, make it bright, memorable and useful for all.

Svetlana Pavlovna
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