We used to think that New year and Christmas is a time to rejoice, make a wish, spending time with family and loved ones. Solid "positive"! If you have at least good friends, a loved one or family with all the "attributes". What if this is not? If not the love as in romantic movies there is no relationship or there, but they bring only suffering.

This is just one example, in fact, the criteria of "happiness, a festive feeling" everyone has their own, and sometimes they are very intimate. br>
At the end of the year, consciously or not, you summarize your results-what worked and what has remained an unfulfilled dream. And out of habit, you can simply "skip" this transition, look to your experience, your luck and defeat.

to See your victory – definitely a good thing. And it is also useful to see their failures, disappointments, mistakes. Not to fall into depression. And in order to meet openly with their hopes and helplessness at the same time, with the fact that sometimes, no matter how hard I tried, and has not been training dreams, life has its own plans.

it makes No sense to pretend that "everything is fine" and cover up the pain of Christmas tinsel. You will understand that it is self-deception. br>
I think it is more important to openly learn to see their weaknesses and losses. To mourn, to mourn, to let go..

Remember the outgoing year, he might be able to remember what you wanted in the beginning of the year, and that have remained unfulfilled, unrealized. You did a lot or nothing, you wanted something so badly, but it was only fantasy. Perhaps you're invaded by sadness, resentment or anger at the circumstances of their own helplessness.
Look at unfulfilled desires. So relevant are they now? Which of them can be carried out, and what to bring in the New year?
For today.

PS News for those who want to get from me advice. Now you have the opportunity to get answers to their questions through online counseling (through a series of letters). Details about this variant of the help answer in private messages.

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