the family business from time to time I encounter situations when it is impossible to help...
Because little can be done when the claims go to the INDIVIDUAL partner, besides just WHAT he or she is. And WHAT - does not match some value concepts, and to accept that neither side wants and can not, because according to meaningful criteria is the key to respect for...
When the relationship ustakanivayutsya, people suddenly begin to see that you have a partner for example is missing a sense of tact, independence, or ambition, or the views differ so much that to talk about, or works he is not never there, so they can admire... everyone has their own criteria and they are all very important in people when we start to communicate with them, but what to do if the private partner this suddenly there?!
Alas, nothing. This almost desperate situation in which I want to ask "where are the eyes?"..
And all because the people in person and not watched... They were chasing a relationship, for social status, with the sense of self-love, but or I forgot to look closely at the person himself or has decided that he will eventually become such as they should...
And usually when people find themselves in such situations, they start violently and try mutually to each other to alter, in the process of a bundle of claims that are ruining each other's self-esteem, argue who is better and who is worse... Although in practice both can be remarkable, talented people, just specifically THESE two people are not suited to each other...
Sad. Nevertheless, it is a reality.
the Only thing that can help to be together such different people is to remember or re-consciously to create a kind of joint purpose and value, the importance of which for both sides will exceed the importance of the discrepancy to each other desired images. Common goals and emotional experiences are always United, and it is also an opportunity to finally see each other again real. But of course people should acknowledge the situation and the fact that the cause of the offense lies in the personal mismatched partner expectations.
otherwise, the couple is usually doomed and it is better not to torment each other taking away from yourself and other precious life time that could go more efficiently and pleasantly.

Love one another

Elena Nagaeva

Elena Nagaeva
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