Visit a psychologist — the practice in our country is not widespread.

When new acquaintances learn that I'm a psychologist, I often hear replica  “I wanted to go to a psychologist”, “I have a problem that I would like to understand” or the questions “with me here, it's just how I think I need a psychologist?”. While those who actually came in the end to the psychologist, a little bit.

the Fact that a person needs help, for him it is often not obvious. But if such thoughts and creep in the head, the doubts “exactly the time?”, “can itself somehow pass?”, “so do I feel bad?”.

to Understand what is really need professional help - is not easy. I think the main criterion here is the presence of suffering. Where there is suffering, there is motivation to change something in your life, there is a resource. It is important to remember that therapy is not entertainment events. You will spend the time, money, learn about yourself something new and perhaps unpleasant, to answer awkward questions. 

so, you should think about going to the psychologist if:

You feel a strong unpleasant emotions. For example a lot of anxiety, sadness or maybe you have something very angry. Sometimes objective reasons for strong emotions there, like everything in life is good right now, and emotions are. When emotions are running high is an indicator that something is wrong, something in my life now not satisfied. 
you Have a complexity that cannot resolve and it affects your life. Something which you work worse, deteriorate relationships with family, the deteriorating financial position. In short, when there is damage.
you think that you are stuck, treading water. There is a vague feeling that things are not as we would like, but it is difficult to understand what is wrong and how to fix it. Or want to change, but unclear where to start.
You can't make an important choice, make the decision, are in limbo. Time goes by and the issue is not solved. 
you have Recently experienced a strong shock and it is hard for you. It can be separation, divorce, loss of a loved one, dismissal, transfer. In General any change in your life that is difficult and requires support. 

In General, when you suffer, the usual ways to resolve the problem fails, there is a sense of impasse or a vain repetition, it is better to consult a specialist. 

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