School age or Where to go to learn

“When to send their children to school? Where to go to learn? A Lyceum, a gymnasium or in a simple comprehensive?! Far — close? How to get there?»

Thousands of questions asked by the parents of future students. The dilemma of the educational process arises from more experienced parents, continuing until graduation. Often, difficulties in school arise because of the not true choice of school, income age, the race for status and the maximum load of the child is relevant specialties.

Motivation to learn, psychological atmosphere, the basics of friendships and establishing social contacts are formed mainly in the school environment. For a favorable development, it is important to consider and assess a number of factors:

age (school maturity — the age when the most favorable to go to school to avoid psychological trauma and to develop better performance)psychophysiology child (physical development of the nervous system, podvizhnichestvo, SOC.skills)location (walking distance or on the other side of the city)school status (Lyceum, gymnasium, schools with “physico-bio-gum-chemical-mathematical” slopes, private, public, external studies or home schooling)

will Comment on each paragraph separately.

##When to send their child to school?

the Most favorable age for admission to the school — 7 years and older. Operating to 7 years is gaming. Through play the child takes over all easier knowledge and skills. It has no readiness to schedule and strict discipline. Therefore, “early” pupils (5-6 years old) suffer from the traditional school routine, not learn the material, poorly trained, have problems in communication with peers.

##How to determine the psychophysiological readiness of a student? 

of Course, this will determine the med.specialists during the inspection in the clinic. However, for parents there is a landmark to determine the degree of physiological maturity — overcoming "polorotov jump” (a child reaches about 70 % of body length Mature­th (growth mainly due to the lengthening of the limbs))a simple Test: if a child can right hand pull left ear, holding his hand over head, that “leap” resolved, that shows the brain's ability to perceive and process information.

Pay attention to the physical structure of the body. Child 5-6 years can dramatically vary in size, weight, and physical preparation from a seven year old first graders. Small, slender children or, on the contrary, age not a major in school often become the object of bullies. Teach your child how to behave in conflict situations and methods of protection. If the child is ready for all other indicators, and physical behind, then you may want a year to grow and after comfortably join the team.

Availability of self-help skills — an important criterion in pre-school. A child must change clothes, wash your face, use a handkerchief, to know the rules of eating, visiting the restrooms, etc.

Intellectual training and mental readiness. Perseverance (20-30 min), perseverance, restraint, the ability to work separately from adults, clear speech, well-developed fine motor skills, perception of sounds, the ability to draw, and even desirable (and has unofficially required) for admission to the school requires the skills of counting, writing, reading.

##Where to go to learn?

location of the school. the Most important moment for first-graders, how far to get to school. Admission to the school — tremendous stress: early getting up, washing, bad weather outside, going to work and their parents over who will lead the child to school. the Best option for elementary schools — is the closest. Because the problem of Junior school: show interest in learning, to teach patience, learning to listen and understand the teacher to learn the basics of writing, secure reading, develop thinking, to expand the overall Outlook. Therefore, the rating in this case important enough. Walk on “kindergartners” in the next school, meet teachers, conditions. Choose heart, not logic.

the Choice of more status, “strong” schools are better discussed directly by the teenager. Since 10 years, increasing the development of intelligence, have their own motivation for learning, show strengths in certain areas of scientific knowledge. If a teenager has the desire about changing schools or the relevant class, listen, and let, if possible, to implement the selection.

the status of the school. For elementary school absolutely does not have the value ‘uconnect" (math, English, etc.). Excessive intellectual burden hurting small to medium of the brain. For teenagers as important self motivation in improving the quality of acquired knowledge and skills. Parents need support and help in finding alternative schools. Guys, feeling like adults, enjoy getting to actually selected the school by public transport and there are lost on an additional class.

Private or public. Among the advantages of private institutions it is possible to note a small number of students in the class, good repair and equipment, socially safe environment, an expanded set of circles and sections. Perhaps, everything. The level of education in private school is not significantly different from the state. It all depends on the teachers, you should focus on feedback and results of the subject exam.

Home, family, distance learning. is Gaining momentum lately. Some parents are not satisfied with the stereotyped traditional school learning process, not taking into account personal characteristics. Much more fun to choose your own format of classes, books, Tutors, online lessons, having more time for travel and crafts, and at the end of the year in the nearest school to pass the exams on the knowledge level control.

As you can see, the beginning school of your child's life is full of nuances and diversity of variations. Trust your intuition, apply new knowledge, listen to your student and most consider his wishes in the knowledge of the world.

Share your experiences, ask questions. I'd be happy to share relevant knowledge in the following articles.

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