When we need a psychologist?


According to the experience of the Advisory activities of the family club know that people find it difficult to determine the need or unnecessary help from a psychologist. And clients often expect "magical transformations", when everything resolves itself.

so when we need a psychologist?

there Are moments when we need someone to be with. One who will understand, accept our desires, do not be surprised and certainly will not condemn our thoughts and actions.

Perhaps these could be parents, friends, husband wife, but can we take on a loved one's problems?
on the one hand, why not. Who, if not parent, friend, or person with whom I live, will share the joys and sorrows of my life? And on the other hand, I uncover what's bothering me, if I sometimes afraid, do not dare to admit that to yourself?

If your life was caught up in the moment, know that this is exactly the case when it can help psychologist. People have received knowledge, and skills to accept and understand the other as he is now, with all its hardships, joys, pain. Moreover, the psychologist can show the option out of this situation and will support you in your choice of path. To do this, in the Arsenal of the psychologist has professional technicians, so you can suggest the tests to diagnose the condition (questionnaires, drawings); to change your perception of the situation - working with metaphoric associative cards, sand therapy. To harmonize your inner world, you can try different techniques of art therapy (Ebru, mandalas, color therapy, retreats, method of resonance of co-creation, etc.). Each specialist its methodological baggage assistance.

In each case it is his combination of techniques is needed to determine your fulcrum - the point of support, thanks to which you will be able to build your current life through past experiences and future plans.

PS: Your situation was preceded by one day of development, so I would like to remind you that the resolution of the situation will not happen "on wave of a magic wand", and as your hard work on themselves. And most likely, you will repeatedly meet with his psychologist.

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