When you can't go to a therapist or contraindications to psychotherapy

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psychotherapy and other activities has its contraindications. There are situations where psychotherapy will not work or even be harmful. To avoid disappointment, the loss of money and time, and may even deterioration of health, before recording the meeting note the following points:

  • Magic pill. If you are relying on a special pill or magic technique that is fast and will make you feel good, then psychotherapy will not help you. You are just wasting your money on the first meeting, which will tell you that, first, tablets will not, and secondly, one meeting will not do business. You will be upset, angry, and the money will not return. Why do you need such problems? Better go immediately to a psychiatrist or shaman - they are just full of "magic pills" and "magic technician". In addition, the psychiatrists in the hospitals accept free. It is not necessary that you immediately give this pill and not necessarily that she will immediately help, and even if they help, then there will always be some nasty side effects... but at least you will get what you came for.
  • Liability. In case your desire is to shirk responsibility: you want to make you let go of the sins, justified, made the decision for you, told you what to do, or someone to something "it" did to become "good", then you just better be careful of psychotherapy. The villain-the therapist will make you come out on their own, will refuse to forgive you will become something you long to figure out and get to some kind of "your personal truth" instead of just directly say what to do. The thing is that therapists have no mystical abilities. It's simple people. So save your strength and go better to sorcerers, witches, gurus, priests, in the end - it is their job to remove anything from the soul, to give simple instructions to a happy life, to guide on the right path. Wizards and witches, of course is rarely cheap, and for good gurus usually need to travel to distant lands, but it may not work, but you are guaranteed nothing do not decide.

  • Time. If you are plagued by vague doubts, and the result you want immediately, if you want to live well and happily now, better yet yesterday, then in any case do not go to therapy! After all, the therapist will begin to understand you, worse, he will begin to get you to understand, and it will be long and dreary, and often and unpleasant. You will have to come and give him their money every week, month after month. And probably without any clear prospects and the specific date of the occurrence of happiness. Therapists do not know how fast, whether it is psychics, witches, voodoo, witches and fortune tellers! These comrades you clear, concise, and just say when, how much, where and from whom is happiness and how is happiness to yourself. Very easy and convenient. Most often, only a couple of meetings. Sometimes, of course, that the result did not occur or passes quickly, but you'd have to be prepared for the fact that the energy world is a delicate matter and you can always look for a more powerful witch-a fortune teller.

  • Rules. If you feel like a man confident and give yourself the will to do what you want, when you want, if you prefer your opinion over the others, and rule in any form is considered a relic of imperialism, then pass by psychotherapy and keep moving. Because the therapist literally on the first or second meeting you will start to RUB on the rules that will oblige you to follow them and even refuse to work with you, if you violate these rules. In psychotherapy forever: don't do this, then do be sure that you can not, it will get confused! This limited method is not for you! Better find some scandalous coach or a world famous TV presenter training, someone with panache, confident in his limitless power in front of a thousandth the crowd. This is not constantly fixated on the security of psychotherapists. There would be freedom - you will do what you want darling, with anyone. On the other hand, and you too will do anything, anyone and anytime, but the sacrifices we make for the idea of free will.

  • Work. And finally, if you have blue blood, used that for everything you do nurse-nannies, if you believe that you are sufficiently injected in your working field and work on yourself this is too much, if you think that the work is only physical, well, or, at least, mentally, you psychotherapy contraindicated. At the first meeting the therapist will brazenly declare to you that the soul does not just have to work and have to work up a sweat, and personally to you. For your own money, it will just sit there and offer you to work to the loss of power over your own mental Augean stables, never embarrassed. But even that's not the worst, because it's neither of these two meetings all the time. In fact, that is psychotherapy is when the client is working on your soul. And the harder he works, the more one gets of the fruit. It really is really hard and sometimes it stinks. Better find a decent hypnotist, he just did will fix your brain as it should. Well, the doctor with the "magic pill" may also help in this case, because the pill also works by itself. However, the effect may be unexpected and does not want you to, but then everything is done for you and roach wouldn't have to.

The rare individuals who are willing to work on yourself, invest in yourself time, money, and power, who seeks to abide by the rules and respects a partner who is willing to take responsibility for your life - welcome to the psychotherapy, you have all that it takes to make his life pleasant and happy!

*All examples are fictional, all matches are random. In the preparation of this article, not one customer was injured.

Eugene Kogan
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