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do You know why camel wool is not eating? Doesn't want to. Why is it difficult to agree with many people? br>

They do not want, do not want. You can go a long to motivate them, apply various negotiation ploys.

Useless, need a gun to them there was a desire at least to hear from you. What to do?

To begin to understand people fundamentally want to negotiate or not.

Want or will want when:

1. Him something from you.
2. He initially want nothing from you, but do you know what interest.
3. He nothing from you, you have nothing to interest him, he just decided to take care of you from the kindness of his heart. Such strange variations also occur.
4. You have a gun and you hold it near the head of the negotiating partner. This is not your option?

If the above conditions exist, it is possible, people just do not want to negotiate.

there May be good grounds for negotiations, but this does not mean that simultaneously there is a desire to lead them.

Analyze the situation, think and ask yourself questions like:

1. He wants a negotiating partner? He actually wants something?
2. What can you offer, what interest? Does he need it?
3. Whether it is necessary to start negotiations? Under what conditions can this be done?

Often, the situation is "impossible to negotiate" occurs when you attempt to communicate with representatives of the government. You do not need officials, if not bribes or kickbacks, which, in principle, one and the same.

And what others may be interested? To criticize the work of officials in his blog? If you are not the most popular blogger, it is all useless, if very popular, in 98% simply useless.

More and will be offended, will submit to the court the claim about protection of honor, dignity and business reputation. And probably just won't notice.

• Any negotiations with the officials? Money carry it, Yes.

as with officials can be difficult to negotiate with children. br>

If the child plays, he is well, the toys scattered around the house, then your claim – collect toys, it is absolutely not interesting to the little thief. br>

it Can certainly be interesting, but the more you attract, the less it motivation next time to clean up after themselves just. br>

He will be waiting for your new gifts, "interesting" for the work you should do yourself, for free and without reminders.

the Child to put toys away doesn't and wants to play, and any negotiations are not necessary. As a joke.

- What shouts your boy what he wants?
- he wants to Shout!

With officials and children don't always have to agree. Realizing that they just don't want to find other ways to solve their urgent problems and act as you want. For example.

I Wanted to put a satellite dish on the roof of his house. A small plate screwed to the brick wall, not bothering anyone. The chief of the local housing management has requested a certificate that the antenna does not radiate anything. br>

Well, got brought. Then he requested, certificates, permits, access to the roof from the lifters, and a bunch of small approvals. I realized that I would have a hard time to deal with him. br>

I Took the "pliers" picked the lock on the roof, invited specialists installed a satellite dish for all requirements and rules. Then I bought a new lock, made a few keys, closed the roof, the keys were given to the lifters, where they should be kept. Dish is working properly so far, no issues, no one came. br>

• do Not want to negotiate – do what you need.

not always and Not in all situations the rule works. But when possible, it is better to do than engage in fruitless negotiations with those who agree just don't want to.

With the kids around as well.

Tell the child that you have some rules that must be followed. For all the protests, confidently say – we have so decided. Not immediately, gradually, the child will understand that once accepted, then it is necessary.

Children run towards the wall, which is roughly stopped, the child beats his forehead, then may have to shout to be unhappy that was not his desire to pass through the wall, but in the end understand we have to go through the door, and not hurt it at all.

If you are a good parent and about the child care, to order to teach his will, and the negotiations will leave for those occasions when you need them, valid, and enforceable agreements.

• don't Even try to negotiate with the child if he wants. This dead-end path of education.

it is Useful to remember the flexibility of their behavior. As only the officials, children, other persons, there is a desire to agree with you, just go halfway, at least ' listen, and suddenly they had a desire to negotiate?

oddly enough, when you just do what is decided, the desire to agree with you there. Well, well, you don't mind to consider the proposals?

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