When you do not know how to live in this world (the client's case part 1)


"In my childhood I suffered from atopic dermatitis, and mom took me to kindergarten," he admitted to me the amazing beauty (and skin) a client of A., 24 years.

All the childhood she spent at home in my room, and 4 walls. Mom, though, and was home, decided more domestic issues than the issues of interaction with the child.
the Only disease forced the mother to touch her daughter, and thus to communicate with her.

How are you "survived" then?
I soon learned to read. Reading, drawing, staring out the window. Sometimes played with me older sister, she is older than me by 10 years. It is in some degree replaced my mother. But later, when she became a teenager, she was not needed. And I was again left alone.

- When was dermatitis?
- In adolescence. It happened suddenly for me once and for all! Is not it.
- What events in your family occurred in the same period? What was with mom? Dad? Sister?
- My father did not, I'm sure he was killed. But to prove we didn't. My mom had to go to work. Well, the nurse jumped married.
- you re the only one left?
Yes, but now exactly the same: with me physically even when nobody is around.
And after these events, the dermatitis suddenly disappeared?
- it Turns out that way.
- what do you think, could these changes in the family affect the disappearance of the disease which tormented you since you were born?
- now tell and I understand that Yes! When I was little, I was not engaged, especially with me not playing and not talking, but for me it was, and sometimes I do something "fall" and these events as if permanently "severed" from my family. It turns out that my "blaike" on the skin - this was my family, my parents, which I've missed? I replaced them with sores - because they are always with me, right on the skin! Can I touch them, to scratch, to touch. I can get angry that they have to bother me!

- What do you feel about this belief?
I have always hated my body and always thought that he is the cause of all my misfortunes in life! And now I feel...gratitude. He is the only one who was there for me always in my childhood!

Everything that happens to man, all that is human, carries with it some important task. Sometimes we do not know what. But while there is a problem (or need, as my client, for example, in the proximity) will be a solution. Even such a destructive, like a disease!

But it also happens that the disease is, but it is for some reason ceases to solve the task entrusted to her. Then the disease goes away. But the problem remains! And one must look for another way to solve it. Unfortunately, often the habit once again, we choose to get sick, just "different", because "once worked"! It happened with my client.

to be Continued

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