Writing this article for those people who intend, it is useless to spend your time in counseling and take away valuable time from a professional.

so, when You don't need to go to the psychologist:

  1. When You have a certain kind of confirmed or probable "diagnosis" (You stand on the account in psycho-neurological dispensary, periodic visits of a psychiatric clinic). In this case, You can help other professionals. The psychologist is not sufficiently qualified.
  2. When someone believes that You need to visit a psychologist (mother/father, wife/husband, boss, Commission and other representatives of public authorities).
  3. When You get from some people (see previous paragraph) gifts/money/other bonuses in exchange for meeting with a psychologist. This is a continuation or another side item number 2. That is, You "bribe".
  4. When You going to a psychologist, want to prove something to someone (e.g. the teacher whether he did it in twos Your child; husband, that he is the reason You have health problems; the child to the psychologist scolded him for his bad behavior; his wife that she's not doing anything to save the marriage...).

5. When You believe that they are a psychologist, you find yourself in a sect.

6. When You prefer to talk with a friend, a doctor, a priest, an astrologer, a palmist (I can continue this list) and think that they are more good in Your life.

7. When You consider that successfully solve all problems/difficulties/complexity of Your life and afraid to admit otherwise.

8. When You are ready to tell the details of his personal life to a stranger.

9. When You are looking for the reasons of the failures/trouble/special events in your life and in the external circumstances (someone or something), in other people, in signs of the zodiac, the position of the moon above the horizon, supernatural forces, karma, fate, evil rock (I can continue the list).

10. If You think that psychologist, magician, wizard, sorcerer, and once You come, he will wave a magic wand and everything will be fine.

11. When You are ready to admit that in Your life there is something that bothers You, not enough, tired;

12. When You are ready to begin to change something in it.

13. When You are ready to trust their thoughts and feelings to an interested, sincere, knows the intricacies of the organization of peace and understanding certain patterns of human life, modestly calls himself a psychologist.

In all the above cases, Your expectations will not be met, and the meeting with the psychologist ends with resentment, rage, anger, pain, disappointment. And more than that in life, nothing will change, because You don't want that.

How could you not want?! – You might say.

If you want, then understand that You are solely responsible for their lives, for the choices You make every day for the decisions You make for behavior that You choose, for those people whom You surround yourself for the work/study/Hobbies that You do... And You may want to change something in your life.

If the last paragraph about You, you are welcome. This client is a fortune for each psychologist.

Olga Fomina
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