Today on hard, implacable topic - suicide, thoughts about, plans, implementation... About the phenomenon is difficult to say, but every day, including on our forum, we hear about someone's lack of will to live and thoughts to leave this world voluntarily.

today I Want to share one heartfelt letter that delighted and shocked me. Sometimes the situation is such that to communicate with the client to be in writing, and this has its difficulties and delights. Lay out the text with the author's permission, edited a little spelling and style. Maybe for someone these words will be important.

"you Know, I really want to live. Behind it all: poverty, unrequited love, betrayal, disease, despair... All gone. A few years ago I wanted to die every minute, it seemed that the suffering will never cease. I am 37 now and I want to live, whatever happens. Ahead are a different problem, I know, but I'm not afraid of anything. Whatever happens, I'll live the last effort, or of the first, good or bad, I will look for something to cling to. It sounds presumptuous. Now I'm still afraid of what might happen is something that I even can't imagine, what I can't handle it and breaks, and then you realize that the other option, but to cope, I have not.
I calmly refer to this thread, the man killed himself, I understand why he did it, out of despair. I don't think about strength or weakness, it is a decision, it's stupid, senseless and unnecessary. Sorry man. You can always find a solution. If I feel bad, I go hunting. Escape to the forest, to the Park, to another city, from family, from work, then go back and decide what to do, or not to return, and to begin to live differently... the Main thing is to move in space.
Now I have a job, money, friends, Hobbies. I did something for this, not just all happened. I will first try everything possible and impossible. If I don't find out, will try in the second round and in the third, but I will never give up his life voluntarily. Now it is."

the optional Suicide is committed by a person in a state of depression or psychosis. Suicidal thoughts full of self-loathing. Not always the case that people faced with insurmountable for themselves the circumstances and personal tragedies. Sometimes this tragedy is in the past, but left its mark in the form of extreme rejection herself. In this case, suicide is not affective and rational act.
"Accept yourself", "love yourself" is just useless slogans that have no answer to the main question - HOW?

And this question is always open.

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