When you start sexual problems?


What is man? We can talk about his intelligence (the logic, the opinion of all that he sees), he also has a soul - it feels wonderful to be experiencing different emotions. But a person is and sexuality. And here arise many problems.

If we talk about chakras, sex is happening in the lower chakras. And it's all uncontrolled animal and in man. This may scare a man who lives with his head.

for example, I have never in my life did not drink alcohol. You do not want. And some fear that'll tell me how I'm drunk and ran naked through the streets screaming the song, present. Maybe never will, but I just I don't feel like alcohol to me is "tasty."

On the high chakras (speaking from the position of the chakras) we can a man to admire - his generosity, intelligence, talent, etc.

In the shower (the middle chakra) we can experience him tenderness, love.

But passion is only the lower chakras. Only here the desire to "eat partner" Just what you see in the movies - he comes in, he throws at her. Not as neat a long time to unbutton the clothes on the woman, he tore it (and then all the clothes scattered around the apartment, and her panties hanging on the chandelier), they have wild sex, then they are sweaty, tired and pleased with ourselves and each other.

a person may have a fear - chill, and from the lower chakras, the monster will escape, maniac sexy. So write in the comments: "you need to keep yourself under, control this case."

But control their sexuality is not always possible and not always go unnoticed.

I had a customer (turned at 26), which refused to work with a specific problem, just come "talk" once a year for several years. In the end I advised him to see a psychiatrist.

what was his problem

had a sexual fantasy - a game of Mistress and slave. And most of all it excited the picture - he was lying on his back, and she puts a foot on his chest.

A sexual fantasy is like a house of cards that easily crumbles from the slightest of discrepancies.

he went to the Mistress, lying on her back, she puts a foot on his chest – Oh, the moment was a dream come true! And he suddenly notices the smell that he doesn't like the hair on her foot, cracked heel, not a manicure, not such clothing as in the dream. The dream came after American porn, where the light is exhibited, the model of the casting is chosen accordingly she has the right body type and appearance. Clothing and accessories the money has been spent

And there can be no ordinary aunt, dressed as she decides (unlikely we have prostitutes standing not quite cosmically, bother is right costumes).

something at any moment could go wrong and his imagination as the wind would blew. And if a man on and enjoying life. But he said: "I am a Muslim, I don't have to do that."

And so the presence of this desire, he was pressed so polluted he believed that little by little stopped going to work (and he worked in the state). He had a one-bedroom apartment. To live, was to take one room. He did not communicate with the girls, ceased to maintain relations with friends.

a Sad story. And in the beginning was adequate nice guy.

over the visit of Mrs. there are two funny cases.

My friend – quite adequate people (over 50 years) who had earlier served with the specials.the army) loved the adventure. And decided to go to my Mistress. Carefully get used to the role and carried out her orders - caught new sensations. But when she put the cuffs on him (and the people who fought it, apparently, something dangerous- and handcuffed – then you can kill), he had "gone crazy". When he woke up, realized that he shrank her to the wall and strangles. "Auntie" plaintively said, "Man, this, apparently, not yours."

Second case: my friend also went to MS and searched for "severe" MS, prepared for the almost torture. And terribly upset))) after each "slap" looked him in the eye, and compassionately asked him: "You are not much hurt?" Which greatly spoiled his mood.

Sexual fantasies, in fact, not so much. And if someone is afraid to release "Genie out of the jar", that can be no Gina's not there.

Sexual fantasies are our friends (so to speak). And true knowledge of self will help us to keep everything under control.

My client is reading namaz, her husband to change, of course, for her sin. But at the consultation she says that she thinks that during Masturbation she will have a girl (she said she was scared of this, just allow this thought).

And here the knowledge of such fantasies can help us in the following way: might be the image men the sex is rough man with rough hands who would be rude to touch her Clit and generally "rude" to crawl between her legs. Or not quite rude, but the hands of large men – even if you want, gently will not work. But the girl her delicate fingers.

And here if not to go into the moral – "the Horror! The horror! The prayer reads – and a lesbian!" and to understand what is important in her imagination – not a girl, and a gentle touch to her genitals, the gentle touch of her husband (in her understanding of the tender) will solve all problems.

Came to my client who thought he was homosexual.

I asked him to close his eyes.

- Imagine in front of a man naked. How does it feel?

- Nice.

He walks closer to you. How does it feel?

- Nice.

- It fits very close to you. Look at his cock. How does it feel?

- Nice.

- Can you touch his cock? Something to do with it?

the kid's face contorted in disgust.

what was the clue: he is not having figures with the perfect abs and the looks of brad pitt, looked at these guys and embodied themselves with them. He could even think about their sexual features, not the name itself. But he wasn't a homosexual.

So the best option for every person – what he's got buried? All you need to get, to consider and to understand.

Woman sexual fantasy of her little girl, seduces adult man (actually a pedophile), you may simply want a relationship where she admired her pay maximum attention. The little girl also need more attention than a woman.

the Image of "an adult male" in life can match the image held men, courageous, and strong, with whom she can be weak and defenseless, and to whom it "pushes" all their problems.

by the Way, this client of mine (also in search of adventure) met with the Lord. It wasn't as scary as she thought. But that is interesting. After "only" she felt such a complete calm, which I have not experienced in life. She was divorced. And of course there were the constant worrying – suddenly the money is not enough, the pipe will burst, then what to do with it? and here she doesn't even have to think! She just relaxed, and she was thinking of someone else.

But this effect only occurs:

- if you understand that this is a game, not you stupid pervert

- you have people with whom you "play" and it is safe from all sides.

Some sexual problems and do not need to implement, just polpredstva once and for all. Male can imagine himself to be a member of a huge black porn movies, and it 10 hours straight sex. But in real life no one needs, and many other things.

a Woman can easily submit group sex around her, a crowd of excited men super erection (look funny the beginning of the movie "Big Stan"), but know that in real life she'd never agree.

none of us are "monsters" (not taking into account people with disabilities for various reasons). It's also us. And the game in sex the beautiful game.

just understanding the game and separates an adequate from other people (to put it mildly so).

My friend went to MS, seeing everything as a game, and came out from it not less of a man than before her visit.

All the problems arise when you start



Why did I do that?

What moved me?

This means that I'm weird?

Or bad?

Or really bad?

name of the head (reason and logic) create our sexual issues.

Imagine two women (both decided to lose weight) – one living head, the other feelings and sensations. And they both see a piece of cake.

First – looks at the cake and sees it as calories, fat, but the mind of the cravings can suppress. The animal takes over, piece of cake eaten, then begins self-hatred, others (to the slimmer who have lost or who have good genetics), suffering, and possible disruption to others.

the Second she sees a beautiful and delicious piece of cake. She decides: "Today eat, and diet starts tomorrow." She enjoys the taste of the cake, every bite. Perhaps, another crumb tongue will lick. Then satisfied and happy look around. Life is good. Yes, she still has a couple of extra pounds, but it was delicious!

What kind of women do you like? I personally second.

during sex you need to be an animal, turning off his head just to feel and just feel. Anticipate the fears of others - don't worry, below the floor will not fall.

Just letting go of yourself and surrendering to all the feelings you will understand what real sex. And you will never have sexual problems.

Rezvina Eleanor
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