In anticipation of the holiday next to a pleasant expectation, for many of us to attack a small (and at someone and big) spleen. I want to believe in miracles, but very smart and experienced people know that the miracle will not happen. And because they get more depressed. br>
crammed on Edge a catch phrase "don't expect miracles, chudite yourself". It's understandable, but we want it miracle, just a fairy tale to something good occurred with me, and was not created by my hands. br>
And here I am with full responsibility I can say that miracles happen, accidents happen and gratefulness are. We just often do not have time to notice them properly. Glad and all passed. br>
in order to once again believe in miracles, you need to learn see wonders. Oh, and I don't mean that a miracle is when you get everything you want, because a miracle is something else. br>
This is not true when all of our "want to" because I deserve it...

a Miracle is when something turned out by itself, and we worried not yet. A miracle is when a pleasant man called, when the test zapolonila or not zapolonila it is also a miracle sometimes))

What a miracle, every man for himself determines. We can narrow down this concept to do the impossible and suffer, that there are no miracles, the validity of sulfur, like my life, and so on.

And can expand the understanding of the miracle and learn to see him behind every corner, in every day, in every smile,

In fact, the ability to see, to pay attention to the good in our lives and enjoy it - the same skill as the ability to see negative events and angry about this. You know what kind of state from the first and some from the second... But!

I do not propose to go in a positive thinking, clean the chakras or something to do))) I vote for the adequacy of, and commitment to the objectivity of thinking. After all, when a person goes, he draws on both legs, not one. If one works poorly, and to go to person is difficult. br>
So for those who now realized that a bit lame, I suggest during the week to do one simple exercise. br>
as soon As you feel joy, elation, or just smiled to ask a number of questions:

1. And that caused me these feelings?
2. A reaction to what event or thing is what I feel now?
3. I did or that happened to me? br>
And be sure to Express gratitude, yourself or another source of your miracle. br>
have a Good mood!

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