- How do you feel?

- I seemed to have grown wings!
If they began to hatch.
- I started to dream in colors!
- I feel like I woke up!

For me it signals the high quality of my work. Relief can be quite superficial even because the man spoke and freed from the burden. So just "easier" I was not very happy. Especially when the man decides and trusts me to go along with it in its depth.
It is to understand causal relationships and to create new, different and effective and free.


you Know, when the situation has already passed, and you scroll through it a million times in the brain: as it was necessary to answer what I had to say, and whether it was necessary to go. "But if" and a million fantasies.
Or are you familiar with this: "wanted as better, and it turned out as always".
Or a choice: to be or not to be, to go/not to go, to sell/not to sell, to go/not to go, to love/not to love, this or that, and so on.

At this division, we spent a lot of energy! Not the passing feelings of podesheveli leads to a feeling of instability, causing endless anxiety and deprives of tranquility. Panic. Along with this wears out the nervous system.

the result: of thought one way, desire in another, the action in the third.

What benefit?

Confidence, stability, stability! A definite increase in these States.

the Trinity of spirit, soul and mind. The unidirectionality of the feelings, thoughts and actions. Integrity.

Harmony is that is the job of our consciousness, a simple mechanism of thinking. It can and should develop. Especially if you're a little over a healthy lifestyle.

Become the author of life. This requires a decision! Maturity.

#let your #wings
Give yourself the freedom to fly, to soar, and sometimes to see life from a bird's flight!

Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning.
Odessa. The centre of the village.
For those who value time and prefer the result.

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