the Problem of choosing a life partner for women in recent years, become more relevant than ever. The high demands of the male gender makes women and even lose interest in them. The result of the dream of a great man and a wonderful husband remain over the horizon.

We live in a special time, and it, alas, is not intertwined with the tale of sleeping beauty or Princess frog. Men are not the same that was 20 and more years ago. They don't shoot from a bow at random and not find the arrow anywhere. Do not go to distant lands to find his sleeping beauty. The Princess and the frog and sleeping beauty, and not risked to leave his seat, continue to naively hope for a miracle.

it's No secret that for many women a guide for selection, future spouse, is the father. He likes his daughter, sees her as a Princess, cares for her – in a word is ideal for her. In the future the woman a predefined on a subconscious level. Having met on its way a few men, the woman realizes that they do not meet her needs, that is do not represent ideal – her father.

After several unsuccessful attempts, the interest in man as to a future spouse, dies. In the foreground there is concern about parents, career, education, but not personal life.

But fortunately people can change, both men and women. If once again, looking for a man, a woman does not find him as his "ideal father", is not a reason to declare the inevitable separation.

to make it easier to begin to effect changes in each other, you must define and identify:

- coincidence position in life,

- the expected and actual reactions in unusual situations,

related not only to the partner but also himself.

the performance of these items will help to better know each other, it is easier to embark on the path of mutual concessions and changes in themselves.

For more efficient operation can be a time to visit a psychologist, as a specialist he has extensive knowledge and capabilities in providing the necessary assistance.

the Author is a family psychologist Krotov Sergey.

Krotov Sergei
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