Where infantile boys are grown and how the transformation into a responsible man


   There is a problem such as lack of initiative or immature male. He and the boy and the man, two in one. These are men, who by temperament rather very calm. Their behavior broadcasts that they would like to have their problems solved by someone, but they do not. These boys are not ready to take the responsibility on my weak shoulders and even more to create and financially support his family. Even if they are family, they will try to shift the responsibility in resolving issues on their own or wife's parents.

✔ Why such a phenomenon takes place in our society and where are its roots?

⚥ it All began in those very times, when a woman stated that she was on equal ground with a man and ready to defend its emancipationist. It was a small shoots, which are already borne fruit such thing as a feminine male. 

  Ie, some women wanted to take men's place and drove the men from their half of the world. We have already proved the thesis that the degree of emancipationist women coincides with the level of masculinity. Men nothing left to go to the female half of the world. And even distorting pictures of themselves as boys in skirts at fashion shows, proves once again that some men “sick”, as they are not in place and engaged with their activities.

♛a Major role in the development of future men played, of course, his mom. When, at the age from 2 to 7 years were explicit prohibitions on independence and desire to do anything myself. Any usuzukuri or soft taking back the initiative the boy under the guise of care, zeroed his desire to do, to achieve the goal. Again, the main problem in her mom's qualities in relation to the son, and in her attitude towards herself as a woman.

✔ is it Possible to change such a man? How?

it is Possible. Since the behavior is merely a set of habits encoded in the neurons of the brain, then you need to change complex habits. If next to that man by fate, a woman, that is something to think about and to her. Because casual sex does not happen. We attract into your life people missing qualities.

♀ the Woman in the relationship with this man you need to learn how to be childish, to entrust the initiative in the hands of such men, any decision support. If you like the girl, he did not remain how to be proactive and to take such a model of behavior for the constant. First it will be unusual, will start throwing from side to side, but over time, neural “muscle” of manhood will win.

✔More detailed sequence of conduct on the disclosure of women's qualities, I give my consultations in the framework of the ‘Heal a woman”.

This will give you the resource out to a new quality of relations, and hence life.

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Oksana Rozanova (Cocotte)

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