- Where's your dragon?

He will live in the cave.

(Make a cave out of the box). Will this do?

- Yes. And will stand around the guards, and the entrance will be mined.

- And is there anyone else?

No. He's evil, so he lives alone.

Together we build a cave out of the box, it lives a Dragon, and lives near a lot of other characters. The dragon is evil, and therefore sits there all alone.

If we translate the meaning of this game on our adult, language, you get a lot of interesting things. But I'm not going to do this here, because it does not want to push the thoughts of the parents the wrong way: children's game – it's a metaphor, and there is no strict algorithm of its "interpretation". Children see the world differently, and they are going through also. But all of them need to Express their concerns. Someone loves to paint, some to build their own world in the sandbox, someone to play with soft toys.

Children not only love to play, they should do it! As paradoxical as it sounds, but the game is the most "frivolous" class – has a very significant meaning for the child. Studies of children playing have scientists in the USSR and abroad, and now continue to study this interesting phenomenon.

Another example. Went with my daughter to donate blood from a finger. Who is like? She cried a little, was afraid, but that's all behind us, and we're going back. In her hands the toys. What is she playing at? – Yes, a little kitten came to take the blood from the legs, and the mother of his comforting and reassuring that he was not afraid.

that is the essence of children's games to put new knowledge and impressions in your experience, to play them and thus make their clear. To fit into its roster of events: there are such situation, and they do this a certain way, feel so-and-so.

And children passion as you want is someone to share it with. But it is harder. Mom and dad are at work, then busy, then they have no strength. But to share it would be desirable! From here and start all these "Mom, well, play with me!" for Adults also it's important they share with loved ones what they care about. We tell each other about work, about their problems, joys and sorrows. And children to share here so beautifully and thoroughly do not know how, but know how to play. Most surprising since no one teaches it!

the Game is like a story that excites the child about what he thinks is important to him. br>

I see how little time the children will remain in the game, and it's sad. Of course, to study mathematics and Russian language is also necessary, and the day has only 24 hours! And yet, children until adolescence love to play and we have to give them that opportunity!

And for adults it is important in the game to give the child the right to come up with a plot to catch him to develop, but not to alter. And do not need to analyze the game, to find in it echoes of any problems the child! More important just to be near, to be a typewriter, a dinosaur, a pony, a mother cat or someone else. Children long remember these moments of playing together with a parent, and for them it is very valuable, believe me!

Alina Arkhipova
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