When You Wake up, what do You think?
Want to offer You several options, what you should think and what should I do waking>
a Few of the ways to attract into your life well-being:
1. Wake up try to write about anything for three minutes a day. Put it next to the bed a pen and paper, and every morning I open my eyes and write everything that comes into your head for three minutes (can be more, it's optional, but not less).br>
2. Start your day with gratitude. Mentally, about yourself, list all the people You want to say thank you.
You can Express gratitude even nights, which allowed You, so you sleep well.
When You send gratitude out into space, she's like a boomerang returns back to You. br>
3. Write 5-10 goals You want to achieve. Write without thinking about writing yesterday, even if every day You will Wake up wanting different. Written goals on paper are more likely to fail than if they were sitting in your>
4. Write any thing that You need to do today that will move at least a step to your>
5. In the dream, when if your not a morning dream.
Imagine what You dream. Visualization of your desires, a great awakening. br>
you Can choose one task from 5, or perform for each other.
You can do each task on different days, it is a matter absolutely everyone. br>
Why do You need to follow these steps?
You will be surprised, but thanks to a fairly simple task, You will learn:
- better understanding of ourselves,
- able to clearly formulate your wishes,
- more specifically set a goal, and therefore often will achieve.
- can learn how to "disable" the head, not to hoard in her fears and doubts.
- you will be Able to attract all the best in your life. br>
1. Before bed, remember and say to myself that the most valuable thing happened to You today?br>
2. What You could do, what to avoid?br>
3. Thank the world, for the gifts and opportunities that he gave You (at least 5 commendations).br>
4. Remember what You did today that helped You to realize your dream?br>
5. Dream again, dream of your goal. Think about what You can do tomorrow to get one step closer to her?br>
Thank, praise yourself and fun to go to the society of Morpheus, to the next morning to Wake up odahowski, cheerful and happy.

Ivanova Olga
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