✓how to START RECOVERY?✓ For the question thank🙏🌷it is very important.

they start to recover in different ways. Sometimes, women come to support theoretically grounded, know what is codependency, its origins, role, etc. This knowledge good support for recovery and more often women do not deny the existence of a codependency. The only question is how to apply this knowledge in life and to feel the qualitative change in reality. the

Sometimes, a woman is in stress, panic, fear and complete misunderstanding of what is happening in her life. In this state begins to look for a psychologist to somehow reduce anxiety. the

Other accidentally read a book where one of the topics was codependency, and I realized that this topic is just about their life.

So where do you begin?
✓search of the psychologist, whom you trust (as a result of begin with psychological support)in my opinion the most effective option, it saves time, the sooner the better.
✓books on the subject of codependency, dependency, contravision, of self-love, self-esteem, etc.
✓visit groups for co-dependents (from rehabilitation centers for dependent or on the basis of drug treatment clinics)
✓courses and intensives from psychologists
✓article on this subject,
✓forums for co-dependents (selectable quality forums and filtered information)
✓listening to webinars and videos psychologists on this topic.

Why write "filtered"?
need To recover reliable information on the forums you can find the correspondence of people who came to the forum not to recover and drain the negative, as in a cesspool (to humiliate, devalue the experience of others)that can be traumatic, because people on the forums looking for support and not another humiliation
Methods of recovery, each chooses for themselves, not everyone is ready to go to therapy. the
⚠this is Important⚠lot if you started not with a psychologist, come to support anyway, as for real changes need a man who will reflect, like a mirror, to accept, to containerwith your feelings and withstand your responses. You can endlessly read and sit on the forums, but without the help of a specialist recovery will come to a standstill. It is a fact.

Your psychologist Irina vyazmina. Be well.

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