Where to get enduring self-confidence?


#Confidence. Charisma. Success. Power.

Hashtags such order happens to be annoying to normal users because of Samulnori and internal stress. Strain cause the words themselves, a force component.

on the one hand they are designed to motivate and inspire growth and action. In fact, it appears something like: "If you're not, then someone else's loaf did not open his mouth". People feel a kind of separation and space, are immersed in discouragement instead of encouragement.

Why is this happening? For one reason only: they initially identified themselves in the space scenario, where the success, luck and faith in yourself no. To move to the other side need to play on a different playing field, the rules of the game which is not clear. And any attempts to convince yourself of confidence –only game on the negative axis is slightly right or slightly to the left.

the script Itself does not imply a transition at zero temperature, and therefore, sings Alsou: winter...winter...winter...

Power suggests: "I can!". This quality is embedded in the age of 3 years. "I am. I can."

Not everyone in childhood, this resource has become available to power all kinds of horror stories and krokozyabra in the mind of parents concern for their children. And often for the banal reason that the baby was adopted with a tacit condition that he is weak, the Unfit.

Pick up from daycare: "You're not hurt? Were you crying? You're my poor thing, my mom's late, Oh damn job".

it is not necessary to scold and humiliate the child, it is enough to transmit this condition in relation to the child. For insecure mother, who occupies a leadership position in the family nurse and the chief toiler of the fields, organizations and enterprises, the role of the child gives her the Strength to survive and stay in good shape.

But on the inside she has no support. And the child takes on this "rescue" operation. He actually becomes for moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers area shelters. You can swear on the Pope in the name of the child, you can go to the hospital, you can blame everybody, including the state.

the translation of Powerlessness and Pity. Actually helpless. This is not to confidence, and not to charisma. The trouble is the script, which is like the clothes worn grown man on. He's looking for his "I can" and finds. He needs to put a lot of effort to hold in this position. No internal resources. They are a child.

Exit from any script consciously, solving one problem after another.

the man has a definite goal. And the World says, "Well, I hear you. Here's a challenge." And gives the task that needs to be solved to obtain the goal. One person says, "God, why me such a punishment?" and sees the task of the Problem.

Then the universe says, "Take away his goal, he is not ready to accept it, he is experiencing a lot of pain, he could get sick and die."

the Other man says: "God, thank you for this task. How can I solve it? What can I do to help?"

And decides. And goes to the children's pain, transformerait it and becomes stronger. And the goal already in his pocket. Sometimes, such problems before the big target they need.

And that goal is achieved. People glad. It accumulates new qualities, developing new space and at some point decides to go further. And again the world says, "Good. Here's your challenge." And only choice: take or not take. Because the challenges become greater with the growth of personal power.

people experiencing difficulties with self-esteem, focus of attention aimed at something that did not happen. The vector of attention always shifted to the side with a minus sign. And achievements as not. They depreciate and merge, exactly like money.

to Turn a float possible and necessary, just make the choice to yourself and say, "Yes, Lord. Thank you for this task". And begin to go... to See a video on this topic here: https://youtu.be/TlJn7SUkTd8

Irina Mitrakhovich. Coach. Psychologist. Specialist spiritual integrazioni. The author of the project: "Mediation of the soul and of the mind."

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