the Most frequent answer to the question: "Why have you got your age is still no decent capital and a sufficient amount of money"?

  • sounds like — "I Have no money for that."
  • actually they are — You just don't see them.

Project "ABC Money" for more than 10 years, and people constantly tell us that "they have, however, no money" — and when we begin to understand and look for the exits, it appears that the money is there (they are in almost all cases).

so, where are they?

Your money is waiting for You on Craigslist.

Yes, Yes, Yes. That is where You will be able to (sell something that You and your family for a long time already not in use).

you Tell me how to do it:

1) conduct an inventory of their things (hint — carefully shake the clothes racks).

2) Put things that You do not use more than a year (or from which You and Your household have grown).

3) Place them on sale on the website Avito (this is no big deal, 20 minutes is manage).

Thus, You will receive your first money for investment and capital formation with exit to a very different financial level.

it's That simple.


If You want to live a better life than now, You need to start doing something besides what You do now.

  • If You want to live above average, You must immediately begin to do much more than make a living above the average.

To be successful you need to be prepared for a lot (only a few are ready for it).

Because there is an insidious loophole for the mind — get hooked on izoterike, become an apologist for high vibration and start is actively "pump channels" attract money abundance, strange rituals to attract wealth, Feng-suino worship the Toad, and red purse.

  • Such sophisticated ways You are a fool (and take) your mind
  • but this is guaranteed to be added only from sellers Toads, producers of red purses and producers esoteric-magical training (or should I say "occult covens"?).
Financial successful people in his time have not allowed myself to "give up" and deal with adverse circumstances. They did not stop attempts to improve the life of their family as long as they have it finally failed.

Maybe this is the "great secret of money" that are looking for all the "alchemists"?

P. P. S.

For convenience, I made Collection of books on personal Finance — they will help You "make friends" with their money and learn financial literacy
Stuart McPhee
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