Where to go sent?


to Send someone who is having problems, not medical-sexual journey to the psychologist – entrenched trend. But all "sent" to him need to go? So, who really should be blowing the doors of a specialist, and who – on any selected address?

Sometimes the resulting sense of apathy, reluctance to do anything is quite a natural question – it's just laziness or reaction? How to arrive – to push herself "tough motivation" and doping or to ask for help? How to understand, when we are really vulnerable, and when you can travel by their own adaptive abilities? You should pay attention to the following subjective feelings:

  • Became visible to the causeless mood swings;
  • Difficult to gather my thoughts, to be effective;
  • Concerned about memories of unpleasant/sad events;
  • Out-of-control case, their solution requires much more effort than previously.

In such cases it is better to consult a specialist (psychologist or psychotherapist) and to understand what actually is going on with you. Time matter signal will provide an opportunity to bring the situation to a problem and take preventive measures. By the way, in these times of psychological study is a much easier and more effective and the expected change is deeper and more stable. Also, there are specific situations when not to endure emotional pain, and the help of a specialist is not quite a superfluous, namely:

  • Breakup, divorce;
  • Violence (psychological, physical, financial);
  • relationship Issues with children, parents, partner;
  • Problems in business communication;
  • Unsolvable question of life, which has no resources;
  • Psychosomatic manifestations, etc.

the Psychologist can provide first aid "urgent", to remove acute mental pain, to prevent reckless and just stupid things. The therapist is in the future will be able to offer algorithm of system work and help you find resources, remove constraints, and to reflect on. But the main thing – there is a request of the client for assistance and assume working together to change the situation.

Now the situations where the expert "need not", i.e., the psychologist did not help. But, interestingly, these are precisely the questions clients often go further – quotes:

  • manipulation of the partner, relatives, public opinion – "have Done everything they could, even to the psychologist went/go))";
  • "I came to You because my wife made...";
  • "Fix" my child, there was something wrong...";
  • "who I was, I went, and they ...";
  • "Solve my problems quickly";

of Course, in such matters is the fraction of queries but grabbing the sleeve of the client and motivate them to work is not the task of a specialist. Well, not ready for people to work on themselves, there is no need of energy! Yes, a specialist can discuss your vision and offer adequate "debriefing". But change is a joint work, and specialist here – a guide, not a rickshaw! It can help to take responsibility, to step up resources and make a choice, but scheduled sessions will have the client. It is in this combination of effort possible customer-requested changes.

Kobekova Julia
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