what to begin With the path to yourself and your desires

There are things seriously hamper and even make it impossible for the path to him, the fulfillment of his desires, and feeling happy. Each of us on this list will be something your individual but there are common elements, which should be avoided.

  • avoid stereotypes and beliefs that prevent you to see yourself, other people and life situations as they are. If you are of the opinion that "all men are bast...", you will not be able to find and experience happiness in this partnership. If you are convinced that "big money can only steal", you shut out from yourself the opportunity to get high pay for their work. If you agree that the "you-people from the lower society," you will never be able to see that the vast majority of people are born with equal opportunities. Avoid limiting opinions, get rid of them, allow all.
  • avoid rigid expectations. The world is not static, and we are not omnipotent and putting on other or future events of the rigid expectations you'll always be disappointed. Strive for the best, think positive, but always keep in mind the understanding that the world can not fit in your frame. He is alive and moving. And it's great.
  • avoid people who use you, manipulate, devalue your feelings and intentions. Stop to justify and explain their actions. Just finish with them.
  • avoid situations, places and States in which you have to step over themselves, to lose themselves, to pretend. Every time you come out of this loss (a piece of the self, part of self-confidence, cracks in the soul from corroding guilt, fragments of his own opinion). Stop thinking that you will love and praise for this behavior. No one wants to see you.
  • avoid doubt. Better to regret what you have done and made than that you again missed some opportunity. Take a chance and do it.
  • avoid any negativity coloring your life in those shades that you don't want to see. In each of our lives and already there were bad moments. Around you whining and negativity – walk away and don't get dirty. You are trying to dip into the shit – put in place and do not let. Fate brings you black bar color to the other colors and live with dignity.
  • If you are going to defend their own life and their own right to happiness – none of you will not make it. Forget stories about the helicopter and the wizard. Either you are a magician, or the helicopter is not.

    Katerina Istratov (psychologist, author of books for women)

    +7916 4015150 (You can contact me at Whatsapp)

    good Luck in your endeavors!

    Istratov Catherine
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