Some people experience awe before contacting the psychologist, don't know what to tell the technician where to start? Actually there's nothing difficult.

I'll tell you how this can be done simply and easily. In the first stage, it is sufficient to provide the minimum information that will allow me to see that your request is something I work and may be useful for you. You enough to briefly answer a few questions which I have mentioned in the article.

I propose to start with the fact that you will find the prices for my services and working methods. If they match, the next step you can look at the list of those with whom I work.

If your request is on the list, great. If your theme does not include, please let me know about it briefly, I confirmed that I work with the query.

You can email me about what you care about thesis statements.

it so Happens that I just describe my life and not asking for help, just inform about the events of his life. In this case, I do not see that a person is something unsatisfied, something wants to change in your life that needs help.

Not infrequently, when people complain to another person (husband, wife, child, parent) and want it stopped to hurt. Or, for example, one customer said that he wants the goldfish have done so, he ceased to be addicted to overeating, alcohol or gambling.

In some cases, your request unconstructive?

  • you want your loved one become another
  • do you want me (goldfish or other specialist) has made your life wonderful

it is important to see?

In psychotherapy specialist can only help those who ask for help. Thus, the request for therapy, it is important to edit so that it was about the fact that you personally can get psychological help for yourself, and how important it is for you to change your life ceased to be uncomfortable and filled with amenities and security.

So it makes sense to look at the problem from a different angle where you can see that you suffer, and so you can change and organize your life in a new way for you to feel comfortable and secure.

customers Often write that I'm not okay, I'm confused, can you help? And I can't understand anything from this kind of treatment, I do not see what exactly customers waiting.

This is a very blurry picture. It is important to clarify, to clarify.

Where you bad: family, work or health?

it Always been bad or did it start in the last so many months or years?

for Example, you are unhappy that you have sleep disorders: you can not sleep, and when asleep, sleep surface, Wake, get up in the morning tired and sleepy. It is what it is. It's not about the fact that it is important for you to improve in your life.

And then it is important to make a request for therapy.

that's what you want to that it is important for you to improve in your life.

And then you inform me what is the goal of therapy. For example, you want to fall asleep quickly, sleep soundly till morning and Wake up cheerful.

When you don't like your marriage, you can make your request for a therapy like this:

  • I do not like that can't say no to her husband, can't Express their opinion, although I do not agree with it
  • I start crying (offended, angry, etc.)
  • began after the wedding
  • I would like to learn to say "no" freely and confidently Express their opinions

it is important to specify in your query when you first contact me?

  • what are you not satisfied, prevents
  • how is it manifested?
  • when this started (about)
  • what do you personally want to get the treatment that you want to change
Larisa Mashanova
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