the Theme that you want to highlight in this digest applies to everyone. All who have tried to start a new life, to set goals, know that dealing with old habits can be very difficult. On their side stands a lot of allies. Indecision, doubt, laziness suddenly awakens in every cell of the body. The inner voice begins to whisper: "come on, calm down, you do not strain so, today you can allow yourself some slack, just for tonight, just this once...". And the effects of such whispers, I think, known to everyone. Something is happening with memory, somehow forgotten everything connected with the new habit, even if you coached long enough. In these moments you need to have in the soul a strong internal desire to achieve your GOAL, no matter what. And to kindle in my soul such a strong desire you must have a strong enough motivation. And strangely enough, you are able to support this issue. For starters, try one of the suggested methods of self-motivation.


1. Motivation "whip" or "horror Movie".

Not the most pleasant way to motivate yourself to do something, but one of the most effective, especially if you have developed imagination. You are creating in your imagination the picture of all the bad things that can happen if you don't change your lifestyle. And then, when there is a desire to succumb to the terrible habit, this film launch. If the movie is good (i.e., horrible, dreadful, terrible), that acts as a shock whip - the power and the determination to bring it started to end. Try it, maybe this is your way to force yourself to act. After all, many of our goals in childhood were achieved that way. Go do it, said the parents and created a picture of horror, if you reach the goal. For example, go for a walk, don't get sweet, e will do what he likes. And you went, did and achieved. Try it, your inner child is ready to act under the whip.

2. Motivation "carrot" or "castles in the sand".

This method, opposite to the previous. You need to represent in the most vivid colors what a happy future that awaits you. To feel the whole body, how great you will be there when your dream will come true. And then this image will help as well as an imaginary ship with crimson sails, Assol helped to cope with the difficulties of her life. Again, this is a way to motivate yourself from a distant childhood. Sincere dreams of the child on the bike, the ball, the camera is always implemented. Try it, your soul will respond.

3. Motivation "sword of Damocles" or "IN DISPUTE".

This is a very risky method. It consists in the fact that you tell everyone important to you about your desire to start a new life. Argue with them money, change your habits. Swear that you'll keep your promise. Thus, you burn all the bridges, all the way to retreat you have to either "die" or "win". Your obligation becomes a "sword of Damocles" ready to collapse on your head if you decide to give up. It is a powerful method of motivation, but still think twice before going for broke. In case of failure, you pay the double tariff: reduced your self-esteem and decreases the respect of others. But it's a risk. Although history shows it this way motivation leads to the goal. When there is nowhere to retreat, resources are always. Recall, Alexander the great, when he ordered to burn the ships and said to his soldiers. "Either we die, or we'll go home on the ships of the enemy." And as you remember, then Macedonian army won an amazing victory. The goal was achieved.

4. Motivation "debt pit" or "Greed is no crime".

This method of motivation are not designed for the very rich, who are accustomed to overspending. But for the people who treat money with respect, this method of self-motivation can be very effective. Example: You Bang a lot of money on their new hobby. And then we ourselves will not forgive, if the money disappears? And to justify their waste in their own eyes, try to see things through to the end. Or you pay the annual course of English language tuition, and then your greed will cause you to sit and learn the words. Or Fitness, annual pass, consider that you are already a regular visitor to the sports hall. So thank you very much to everyone who serves you only for the total cost and annual pass.

That's the beginning and enough of the Ways of motivation of course a huge amount. And only you can choose which one to use to achieve their goals. Just remember one thing:

Never put off the beginning of a new life on Monday.

Believe me, the other days of the week no worse!

for More detail you can get acquainted with different methods of motivation and ways to achieve the objectives in our course goal setting – how to set and achieve goals.

sincerely, Andrey Ushkov.

I'll help you turn your dreams into reality.

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