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People looking for, where it will be subjectively better. How can I know where is this place?
for Example, an alcoholic, no matter how assured he was drinking vodka and evil will always be there where there is something to drink.
His case – drinking. br>
a Young man with all the difficulties will bring his body to his girlfriend, especially if you really wants it. br>
a Workaholic would find reasons to leave the house on weekends, he would sit at work, because it is his business. br>
Well, remember the proverb. br>
• a Pig the dirt will find. br>
the Pig with pleasure plunged his carcass into the nearest puddle. He was good there. br>
no matter How we surprised the irrationality and stupidity of other people who are drawn in the wrong place, in our opinion, we do not understand their actions until we know the reason to do so. br>
• Discover the reason for all this, and you will understand much. K. Prutkov

Here is an example. br>
Masha the Cat before the kitchen was not very fond of.
she was terrified of all sorts of rusalki and capaticy. But all of a sudden
Masha his hairy carcass was placed in the kitchen only, where is this love? What happened to fear?
We do not allow her to go and lie on the table, but she fights for their right to occupy the territory. br>
Lying on the table, if suitable to throw, plays the victim, lies on her back with legs up. br>

Or starts to yawn, like, I'll go to sleep now, tired don't touch the beast. br>

Trying to hide in the flowers. br>

Very interested in the contents of the kettle, although I really was afraid of him. br>

the Secret is simple. We moved the plates of cat food in the kitchen. All the reason is simple. MA main interests: eat, sleep, play.
Eat - most importantly, it spoke not played, therefore she will not want to leave the kitchen. There's also food! br>

There is a favorite Maschino business. Where is her body? Right there where the food is. br>
So, where are usually you? What is your business?
Is there so that it's not interesting, but you can still come and do it?
Maybe you put yourself (your body) not your business? br>

"How to get rid of fear and worries"

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