In different spheres of life, we point to our weaknesses, and ask them to develop. At work this is often manipulated. The argument about this: to get a particular position's salary, you need to work on… this man from the point of view of professional qualities, experience, knowledge can come to the desired post. And most importantly, he feels his “can” and “cope”.

Imagine a car that you are trying to make, and it will not start. You are doing something, at the same time all check, call friends mechanics... in the end the effort you expended he moved, and stopped.

About the same you do to yourself. You “get” your weak quality. Focus on them, monitor their behavior (which is achieved mainly by control of behavior and mental attitudes). Are you able to strengthen them, there is a feeling that you could.

And here comes into your life stressful situation in which you are unable to show their weaknesses at a decent level. Even more peculiar you behaviour prevailed. You coped with the circumstances, however, have used other tools. You get upset, worry, analyze the situation again and again...

to work, using the weak hand, is similar to the way you are doing someone else's work. Doing it constantly. Replace in this professional and needs to match his level. Can you do that?

Also in this process there is one very important caveat, which remains invisible.  Our strengths a little faint, “go into the shade”. Nature needs balance. Your body needs balance. In everything: emotions, States, qualities, actions. There is no balance, all the energy strengths and weaknesses will reach the “explosion”, she will need to have your exit, either in action or in the body. Moreover, we are not universal, not robots. We can't have all qualities in equivalent measure.

Why develop weaknesses? What gives us weaknesses?

what we are weak, shows us that we are very strong.

If we have pronounced the same qualities, then why waste your own energy to work on what is not resource. It is better to strengthen and deepen those strengths that are already there. To develop themselves in this direction. Your strengths – your dignity, your strength, energy, resource. Every time you talk about weaknesses, turn your attention to their opposite. A creative person is very difficult to be in a rigid framework and structure. At the same time its antithesis brings order to creation. Both of them are very valuable in all spheres of life.   

Therefore, if you need to use their weaknesses, create a symbiosis with the man, which the hand of the strong. You will complement each other, and go on the path of life, evolving, each in their own strengths.

Opposites attract. This is the balance, the Golden mean.

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