Whether you do your child?

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Parenting is a kind of spiritual mission. To give birth and raise a child is the ability to unselfishly make a gift to the World. Such unselfishness parents fills the soul of the child. As a result, he grows up healthy, full of creative power, capable of constructive action and ready to give birth to the next viable generation. Love for the child in this case, disinterested or, as psychologists call it, an unconditional (without conditions).

Another option love a child – possessing. The position of the parents in this case is this: this is my child, he'll be like I want. In adulthood these children a lot of psychological problems. They do not feel happy. But the parents are happy because their children are very comfortable and very docile.

Sometimes parents are difficult to understand, what love, they love their children, because and in that and in other case, they equally want their children to good. Therefore, I suggest you a simple test of unconditional love. The more you will have "Yes" answers, the cleaner and disinterested, and your love child.

  • I accept that the child may be cranky, restless and noisy. I accept his spontaneity and childlike. And I love him for it!
  • I cook the food he loves the child and is willing(a) to hear his needs in this matter.
  • I approve of the friends chooses my child. Even if some of them I don't really like, I know that my son (daughter) has enough intelligence and wisdom to figure it out.
  • I listen carefully and try to hear your child that he is interested in, is where his heart is and I'm taking him to the circle/section, where it asks, and not where I want.
  • I approve of the clothes chosen by my child and although it doesn't suit my taste, I can easily allow him to wear what he likes. Let the experimenting!
  • I love my baby regardless of the received evaluations, the ability to support themselves and the house clean and other such factors.
  • I accept the child when he is angry with me or has other not very pleasant for me, emotions. I, too, sometimes they show... Any person has the right to Express their feelings, and mine too.
  • I support the child when he is sad, and allow him to stay with these feelings too.
  • I'm not trying to make a child "comfortable", as he is an individual with their interests and needs and are entitled to it!
  • For adults children. I approve of the choice of a spouse my son (daughter) and understand that if they are good together, I can only accept and be happy for them.

I Loved you without reason

For what you grandson, For you are the son,

that kid

For what to grow,

For the fact that mom and dad similar.

And this love for the rest of your days

Remain a mystery of your support.

Valentin Berestov

"Seven deadly sins of parenting" Book about the main mistakes of the parents, which can affect the fate of the child

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