Whether you need summer vacation to devote to the lessons?


Summer vacation is in full swing, children and parents rejoice "breathing lessons" and enjoy the peaceful evenings. Three warm months to children pass quickly, but moms and dads normally worry about that and this time it was "useful" that accumulated over the school year the knowledge is not lost. I want the children rested, because the load at school is serious. But also to preserve, and possibly strengthen, "accumulated" so hard and nerves I want too. br>
How to be in this case: to load kids classes in the holidays or allow to be discharged, and the maximum build up strength for next academic year? br>
the Decision to study in the summer, every parent takes on the basis of personal characteristics, health status and interests of the child! br>
If you care to "revive" the knowledge, then pay attention but the fact that the majority of psychologists recommend to start classes in August, but the early summer months still to rest. But if you see the fatigue of the school workload, and in August, additional lessons it is better to defer in order to avoid the development of anxious, neurotic state. br>
Organizing summer activities for your child, we recommend you to focus on the following rules:

1. Classes should be voluntary and interesting

Putting a child "under duress" books from the list that is presented in school, it is unlikely that you will get the satisfactory result. The benefit from reading the recommended literature to overestimate, of course, difficult. However, not all children clutching books. The child began to read, choose something from the contemporary and modern literature. br>
2. Online classes

the Internet is full of different offers for training. And for anybody not a secret that online training is not inferior in quality training in the classic version. This variant of intellectual development will help, and sometimes with pleasure, to spend time. Obvious advantages of such training in the ability to amend the schedule; in saving time and effort, which are usually spent on the road, to reach the normal tutor; often online classes are more interesting through the use of media material, so the absorption is better. br>
3. Summer educational camp

One of the best options if you want your child received additional education and had a rest, a summer educational camp. This is the perfect solution for combining outdoor activities and acquiring new knowledge and skills. The selection in this field is so huge that you only need to choose the right option in the interests of the child and the financial ability of the parents. Educational camp can be both urban and country and even overseas. New acquaintances, reasonable physical activity, fun and learning – what could be better?! br>
4. Move on from school mode to summer

Not only us for adults so hard sometimes to Wake up for work, but children's early rise is not a pleasure. Allow me to change baby on vacation school mode, which is so eager to preserve adults. An entire academic year the child was in a fairly tense situation, constantly was in an environment where everything is governed by adults: how to sit, how to walk, talk, how to allocate time to time to do homework, go to the tutor and get a couple of extra classes (usually sport and creativity). So just let your child sleep! It is better to start classes after 11 a.m. and finish before 17. br>
5. Still, lead by example

Often found in practice that parents are complaining that children have lost interest in cognition and learning. And every time I want to ask: and you learned lately? For modern people, professionals normal state – to learn throughout life, constantly! Just learning something new, getting the load, the brain does not age, and develops. And it is not necessary that it was highly specialized knowledge, it may be new knowledge about your hobby. That's not the point! And the fact that the child see your commitment to development and learning. br>
whatever decision the parents to relax all summer or to combine with studies, remember that the holiday was not invented just like that, and yet the priority must be a break from school workload. Use every opportunity to training in the summer was a welcome and exciting, then the child definitely will acquire useful skills that will help him to succeed, so the child will certainly believe in themselves and learning to be in joy!

Tikhotskii Alena
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