Before you declare war on excess weight, you must make sure that they you do have. How can you determine whether a person is overweight?

to Understand whether you need to lose weight, a simple measurement - the girth of the wrist to determine your body type. Here's a simple test.

This needs to be done to understand which type you have figure - such measurements simple you can do them at home simple measuring tape.

the Psychology of weight loss: who should lose weight in the first place?

to Navigate this issue will help table of ideal body weight, composed of specialists Metropolitan Life Insurance Company — insurance company, founded in 1868 and is the largest life insurer in the United States.

This table currently used worldwide, is the result of a rigorous examination of the impact of weight on life expectancy. If the values of incidence rates is the lowest and the life expectancy is the greatest.

Plus this table is that it takes into account not only gender and growth, but the features of his body.

Astenik, Normostenik or Hypersthenic?
In the body type all people are divided into astenikov (ectomorphy), normostenikov (mesomorphy) and giperstenikov (endomorphs).

Astenikov can be found at the narrow thoracic cage, narrow bones and underdeveloped muscles.

normostenikov typical of the average development of bones and muscles.

Gipersteniki have a wide chest, broad bones and well developed musculature.

Your body typeActinickeratosis

the Author of this article is a typical astenik, and you can determine more accurately the type of addition, passing a simple test.

if you Need to lose weight: 4 types of obesity

Many people naively believe that to cope with the extra weight will help them exercise and so-called proper weight loss.But not so simple as it seems at first glance.

There are 4 types of obesity and only one of them is true, that is which can be dealt by increasing the activity and regulation of food.

so let's run a brief on the types of obesity:

(1) Food intolerance and not partial digestion. due to the putrefaction and fermentation of undigested food produces toxins. The body tries to dilute them with water to quickly take. Hence is formed the swelling. Such people are up to 30%. Swelling can be from a few kg and above.

(2) Hidden food allergies. This Allergy occurs in the lymphatic system. The body begins to feel that something is poisoning him and slows down your metabolism. Corny you may be allergic to chicken and eggs, for example. You eat them every day and not lose weight. Such people are up to 30%.

(3) Failure of the hormonal system. up To 25-30%.

(4) is your obesity. up To 10-15%. Such people are not swollen, just chubby and plump. I call these juicy😁 those who eats a lot and little moves.

Also there are mixed types

So if you move a lot and dieting, but no result, you need to think about the examination of his body.

Ideal body weight for astenikov, normostenik and hypersthenic

Now that you have determined your body type, measure your height, weight, and compare data with the figures for your floor described in this table:

If you have spent the necessary measurements and determined your body type, but clarity does not come, whether you want to lose weight or normal weight seek the advice of a psychologist - for example, the author of this article.

As you consider whether you need to lose weight?

Or you love your body till the last zhirinki?

Alexander Malarek
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