While there is a parent fear, will always be a child "lies"


This section applies only to those who grew up in fears, fears chased through life like ghosts and ghosts, of those who grew up in freedom, love and trust, the fear remains only as a survival instinct.

Fears, our favorite fears that have become our mainstay in life, replacing all other support, fill in all the space - where could be love, freedom, movement. Fear is a strong Foundation, basic, fundamental. When we fear, what we fear, why fear and why fear? Out of habit, because it is so convenient, so easy, to stop fear, it is and freeze?

He became our "mom" satisfies us completely, with all our "desires" . Fear of lack of love, created love for him, and love to everything around. Fear of rejection, spawned by love for him and rejecting everything else. Fear of being alone, gave rise to loneliness, but the complete Mergence with him. The fear of success that kept us from him as from a common enemy, uniting us with failure. Fear is a "home" in the subconscious when we are in him - apart from him we do not need anything, it's warm and cozy safe inside it safely and securely, and beyond awful and terrible.

And as soon as we try to get out of fear - how to get out of the house to the street, he's like "loving mother" begins to worry, worry, worry, tell us"where are you without me, don't go and get killed, you'll get cold, freeze, fall!" And we, as loyal and loving children, we begin to worry, to fall, to hurt, and as without "nurse"???? As the Madam said, so be it, we love mom and be sure to listen to it....

And if we don't hear "mom" and act against, the fear changes shape, we're fighters and then who are we? Liars, liars, because we need a lot of lies to the truth terminated in which we grew up and matured as secret agents infiltrated behind enemy lines, we create legends about themselves and live in them. The enemy is the freedom of life, its natural manifestations and events of life, love, acceptance of self and others, relaxation and calm acceptance of difference in all sorts of situations in life and movement in them.

the First lie begets plenty lies, and the house is "fear," we create "house of lies" to hide your name and surname, place of birth, kinship, and so on, because the legend is a legend. We have to distort the truth to such an extent that we almost forgot about his house, almost believed and convinced all the others, creating lies of love and freedom, of movement and success, happiness, tearing and breaking off all communication with my homeland. In lies and falsehood we cling to people, create families, build networks of relationships, build the path to success, but a nagging and quiet, persistent sound, fear goes on to say- "we're exposed, we discover we are lost, come home, relax and have a rest".... We hesitate and choose here stress and fatigue, sagnanet, but a great life...it's warm and peaceful, easy, but there is nothing...so increasing the lie, so life is destroyed.

And as often happens-" behind enemy lines" is a "something" that undermines the legend, the lie, and all of our built on the flight and lies strategy falls apart like a house of cards. She begins to crumble, brought down all that was created: the lie of love created by family, born and raised children, created careers and lifestyles, and the falls created the Foundation of the house "lies", all gone... We're stuck in the choice to keep or let them collapse? Someone decides to keep increasing the lies as a building material, dreading the return home, someone decides to destroy the base and whatever will be...

We do not understand that to destroy the house of lies is simultaneously cease to fear the house of fear, they associated, because the fear has spawned a lie. Allow all about to break down, to face your fears, look at it and understand that fear itself is afraid that we will leave it go and forget it, but he loved us so much and the shore.

What to do? To go in fear again, as in his father's house, to be in it, to live it and understand that its main purpose was to protect us, and it really was love, and yet it is our beach, he gathered a huge amount of strength, power, knowledge, and resources of all kinds , as a caring parent who has earned a tremendous dowry in the form of freedom, knowledge, love that beach from time to time without giving us. Ask for and accept the inheritance, the wealth, leaving the road open home. And when once again we will call home in fear, we can ask your "home", his "parents"- "are you afraid for me? I am grateful that you are so attentive to me, worried about me, loved me so much, just help".

amazing is going to Happen, fear itself will give all forces and resources on a good path and the road ahead, with love, wishing them happiness and leave the door open to at any given time we could come home for help. But not fear, then what he has accumulated, retaining once this resource from us and us from him. When we can log in to fear, we have outgrown it as an elderly parent, having grown up and strong, open and free, and then don't need lies, then, so easy in truth, and then fear, as the elderly parent he trusts us relaxing gives us all the right to life. Here they are, our "parents" fears and lies,and all from love.....

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