One of my favorite phrases: "Your life is your choice" or "All we have in our lives is the result of our action or inaction".

Perhaps the only thing that we don't choose it's parents and where born. Everything else – friends, a job, a loved one, a city, a country, your leisure time, how to spend their free time, ALL THIS we only pick. Our life is what we created it and if it doesn't like something, then there is only one solution – change. Change, change and change again until you do not like the result. Leave the drudgery of work, from a partner who has long been is just a feeling of irritation, stop to chat with people that have long been nothing in common to move to another city or country if you don't like it, which have long been tempting. Change, change and change until, until you begin to arrange. Yes, things are not so simple, one minute rarely change, but each day you can do something that will bring you to desired to learn the language, take courses of professional training, to start going to job interviews, to find new friends who can help when you move, find housing, but in the end just to register on the Dating site and start meeting new people.

Sitting on the priest, nothing changes. Think about what you really want and what you can do to achieve the desired, write a list of actions that will, postavi deadline, the house hang in a prominent place and forward, but not to dream, and to the goal!

he Remembered a parable about a very poor, unhappy man who saw the solution to their problems, only one - to win the lottery. He believed and told everyone how he is desperately unlucky. And every day he diligently asked God to let him win. But nothing changed, weeks passed, months, years, but all remained still, he was poor and unhappy. But suddenly, one ordinary day, God just did not have the patience and from heaven, the man heard: "did You at least buy the lottery ticket !"

of Course, to believe this, fine, but you need to do!

And listen to the soundtrack to the film "Burn!" .

Here are the words of him:

While you're alive, get up and try!
the Weather flight you do NOT EXPECT.
My dream hand feel!
get Up and just BURN safely.

And in this moment, we are not alone.
Still left in the heart of the powder.
We each rock on the way
Incredibly will the road.

While you're alive get up and try!
the Weather flight you do NOT EXPECT.
My dream hand feel!
get Up and just BURN safely.

Yours will stay with you.
And who is gone, let her go.
And to go in his path.
a Good day always today!

Zelin Maria
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