Who Am I?


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What kind of creature is this "I"?

So, we already know something about our Shadow is the part of us that we can not accept, not admit or does not realize (see my article "the Perfect reflection").

And so, everything that we understand about ourselves, this is certainly a part of our essence...
And here I ask a different question: "And so?"

Many years ago I worked in HR service (personnel Department) and many engaged in selection of personnel in the company. Our company was a very attractive employer, and I met with a large number of candidates. In the interviews, all spoke of his rich experience, business competences and personal qualities - in General, about the benefits.

Man wants to present himself in the best possible light to get what you want. And what does he do? Wears a "mask" and play a social role.
it is a normal situation, isn't it?

And might look like not quite a normal situation?

When a person begins to believe that his "mask", this is his "I".

once he had worn this mask, and it is to him "stuck" together so that the person is not able to see where his mask is, and where its essence.

I'm talking about the part of our personality, which C. G.Yung named Person.
usually, it's the ideal aspects of personality presented to the outside world.

Remember your childhood, or if you have children, remember their punishment: "so do not act", "Shh, be quiet/don't run/sit still", "do not get involved in adults talking" and many other councils, as accepted and not accepted.

Yes, of course, we all live in society, and some behaviors we should know and stick to them.

And when we have a flexible psyche, in our Arsenal there are a few "masks" that we try from time to time (during small talk at the theatre by the scientific community at a party with friends, being with children, etc.). And then the Person is only way of presenting yourself to the world.

But in the case of a traumatic basis, a Person becomes means of protecting itself from the world.

And there is false "I" as a response to trauma and a way of survival.

This is the natural tendency of a child to the feeling of comfort. The child quickly learns what he needs to be (or rather seem) so that they are comfortable. This happens instinctively, like the desire for self-preservation.

❓What's wrong, you ask, if one learns to stay in comfort? Have a good question!

the problem is that the "thicker" and rigenee the person was, the further from his true self.
And conflict between true and false, "I" lead to neurotic disorders.

In the best case, the person experiences mental anguish, worse, if intrapersonal conflicts become unbearable, affecting the relationships with other people or lead to psychosomatics.

✔did you, for example, to see the teacher, who was a Teacher of life, and considered it their duty to learn not only in class but also outside, in the store and at home?

✔Probably easy to imagine a Professor who holds a stately and exclusively expressed in scientific language 👓 not only in the professional community, but also with your children and friends on a fishing trip?

❓And whether you own properties, for example, to always smile, even if inside hurt or bitter?
Or to help others on the first call, even if you need help yourself?

❓do you have such moments or places when you feel that nobody and nothing should? Where you can just be yourself...

❓well if you understand what it means to "be yourself", what is your "I" now?..

Alena Vasilyeva
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