Who am I? Or how to come to wholeness (part 1)


Surely everyone at least once directly or indirectly asked this question – who am I? And depending on what answers have found people in fact very much affects his life. Someone asked that question, someone just do not care, but either way the person has any thoughts about this. This is one of the fundamental elements of life that determine the further movement of the person.

If you remember for example a school which was not taught (how to solve complex formulas, how to write, where to say what and how, and more), but why not teach the fact for example, what is personality, what elements it is composed, how it develops, what stage of development is.

In the end, most people simply do not have knowledge about the most important !!! About themselves. Instead, there is a total unawareness of who they really are. Most people don't know neither who they are nor where they are going, why, why? People live in a dream awake.

the Mind of a little, narrow, taught to follow what was taught in the childhood (kindergarten, school). Head shoved so much information that many have formed an aversion to learning and unwillingness to learn and develop, but instead just the absorption of information that pours from the Internet (TV not to mention) .... But let's not about sad.

the Purpose of this article to give in my opinion a very important development guidelines, understanding the path of awakening and development of consciousness that need to exit hypnosis life and that would stop sleeping on in reality, but instead to cultivate mindfulness and awareness. Here we go ...

journey to the density levels of reality:

in order to begin to dig into this topic, first I want to offer for review following view, which allows you to see the big picture, broad strokes. So what we have:







Here I will not examine in detail each level of depth, but it is important to understand the following:

- the Soul, Essence and Self is the instance of the quantum world. At its core is the true self of man, the infinite and eternal;

- Personality, Identity and Ego is the instance of the material world, which are needed in order to adapt to the physical reality.

- the higher the level, the higher the level of quantum entanglement and the lower the density;

6 levels of development of institutions in human life:

Now that you're at least at a basic level generated the understanding of these instances, I will briefly remind you how these instances are manifested in a person's life, at different levels of development. For those who are not familiar, read this article: What is spiritual development? Reflections on the sacred

  • Adaptation (person adapts to the world through Ego – principles and rules);
  • Socialization (socialities through Masks (masks, roles, identity) - logic and facts);
  • Customization (at this stage, the person is already manifesting the personality, feelings and values);
  • Transpersonality (the development and awareness of Self);
  • Exercise (at this level begins to unfold the essence);
  • Release (well, up to this level still needs to grow ...);
  • strategy for the development of consciousness or how the evolution of consciousness:

    If we assume that any living creature or matter on this planet has a consciousness of the absolute, who decided to play with myself, realizing itself in different guises, can get the scheme:

  • Physical matter. For example, stone learns basic sensory, feelings - it is his border of awareness;
  • Plants learn about basic emotions;
  • Animal learns and develops his mind, thinking;
  • Man knows his self, the essence, if you can, Tao.
  • this all is absolute. Not to say that the stone is worse than a plant or a person better than an animal. Each element is in its level of development. There's no better, or worse, no smarter or dumber; it is an experience in its purest form, the goal of which is gaining experience. At each level of development, in fact has its own enlightenment. For example, for plants the animal is the highest level of enlightenment, for the animal person, etc.

    How to come to wholeness:

    When a child is born, he comes into this world inherently already enlightened, but only at their level of enlightenment (this can be compared with the above example, stone and plants); the level of Ken Wilber calls "Toconventional nedifferentsirovannost level of enlightenment". It turns out that the stone is already holistic in nature and the plant also holistically, each of them is on his level of integrity.

    and the child is enlightened, but only at a certain level and still has room to grow. He descends to the lower level of its further development in the body. And he has yet to go the way of nezaleshnosti (cleavage) at this level of integrity (integration).

    This path can be represented as follows:

  • the Birth in the whole of the undivided unity (on one level);
  • Splitting and awareness of their separateness;
  • Further connection of the parts together and the transition to integrity;
  • In fact, the movement this strategy is in some sense the essence of our existence (awareness of itself through its parts). Because it is a prerequisite of dual world in which we live. First, you need to be aware of their disunity, to bring awareness to awaken !!! From waking dream. And then to impoverish all the fragmented parts into a unified whole – to make system integration at a new level. By the way, here lies the answer to the question of why and for which there is personal crisis. And most importantly, here lies the answer that they need to do ...

    it is Important to understand that the integration, transition to wholeness (enlightenment) the loss of identity is not happening !!! The experience of the individual is preserved, along with the transpersonal state of unity. And there is a transition to the next level, transition to other level of life.

    that's it. Until we meet again. With respect Dmitry Pot.

    Pot Dmitry
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