Continue the 2nd part of the article. In the 1st part, we dealt with different density levels of reality, with 6 levels of development instances in a person's life, dismantled an overall strategy for the development of consciousness (as an evolution of awareness) and began to disassemble the understanding of how to come to wholeness. So go on ...

insides or what "parts" You are:

Well I hope when you come this far you have already formed an understanding in what direction you want to move to that would be becoming more holistic. Now let's take a more specification will deal with the second point, namely what happens after the baby is born. As fission occurs and how to come to grips with their separation and then the integration system.

To this end, we consider a hierarchy of independent units of consciousness (SES) of a person kindly borrowed from Kovaleva S. V., as the most complete and convenient model for the description of these parts. In very complicated things in this article, we are not going to climb. If this material is not enough – come to the consultation, conversation. Well let's get started:


Child Adult, the Parent


Social role (Who am I?)


Intragroup roles (What am I?)


Procedural roles (What am I doing?)


Emotional role (I feel?)

Now let's look more closely at what is given in this table:

First. from this starting point begins the structure of independent units of human consciousness, which has three Ego-States: Child (responsible for the joy, pleasure and happiness), Parent (rules, morals and ethics, good, bad, possible, impossible), Adult (responsible for effective decision-making, implementation, support, autonomy, maturity thinking). For those who want more info this all sorted out for starters read Transactional analysis E. Bern. These three Ego-States can be compared with the main control You as system. But they are too global and all-inclusive, so for more minor roles, they need assistants.

- Identity. They are lower in the hierarchy and perform social roles "Who I am? ": head, man, woman, businessman, driver, mother, father and so on. Is your main role model in life. Usually, one of Miller's seven plus or minus two pieces. But that's not enough. And each identity creates a helper (middle managers) ...

- Personality. They are even lower in the hierarchy and answer the question: "What I?". What I, as a driver? What I, as a father? As an entrepreneur? Experienced, neat, active, assertive, kind and so on. A relative figure, again seven plus or minus two subpersonalities for each identity.

Part. They are subject to the personalities and responsible for the procedural aspect, i.e. "What I'm doing specifically?" When I'm the driver (identity) when I'm careful (personality, although there can be a lot of aggressive, when children are in the car), what I do when I careful? For example, a slowly shifting gears and smoothly press the pedal (or sharp). Here to count the number of parts is much harder because they can be hundreds, or even thousands!

- Subcaste. these are the hardworking responsible for fine motor skills and emotions. For example, when you undercut someone you yell like you specifically turn the wheel and press the pedal.

And this entire structure has a rigid hierarchy. On top of the first I, the identity on the bottom part and subcaste. The number of parts and subcastes can reach numbers of several thousand!

Now it becomes clear that if Your inner Child is depressed, angry, humiliated and under-loved, and the inner Parent dogmatic, pessimistic, punishing, and evil, and the inner Adult is not developed, it turns out that, as in the saying "the Fish rots from the head" — three of your top managers behave absolutely inadequately, absolutely not compatible with each other and can not perform its function even half. It turns out that all the lower in the hierarchy are subordinate to the CEC are in confusion and the ship, called "Life" operated by a drunken captain with no education, with exactly the same team unfinished sailors.

Who am I? Self-awareness of the present:

the Problem of man is that he identifies himself with his mind and thinks that he is consciously in control of her life. Actually, it turns out that just the same consciousness of the entire "system under title I" has a small part of the vast unconscious, as we have seen above, knowing that any normal person is fragmented on many parts of different layers and orders.

For more in-depth and applied understanding remember how you learned to ride a bike. You tried to grasp all the processes that would initiate the first movement, remember how hard it was? And then this skill has gone into the unconscious and now you can't even ponder what to do that would be to go. Just as you learned to walk, speak, hold a spoon, write, read. All of these skills are completely unconscious! Exactly like the whole life!

Common, sleeping man operates on the principle that something happened with the consciousness builds a chain of the reasons why it happened. The so-called fitting answer or rationalization – is one of the mechanisms of how the psyche works, more details can be read in the article: "Psychological protection, or your psyche".

Conscious people trying to understand what his unconscious had created the incident and trying to explain it all logically, because it's too primitive...

we All know that there are cards and programs. Cards — our convictions, beliefs, what we think about reality. A program is the structure of the SES. And it turns out that the person in life is engaged in the moving of already existing maps and places programs in order to find a new solution. In any case, it is not free and not open anything new. All decisions are made on the already set programs and maps, just change the combination... one begins to make decisions and think only when it changes, expands, modifies their initial cards, and programs.

For what would becoming a more holistic need to be aware of who you really are. To be aware of their part. This is what will bring You closer to wholeness, and not reading books or talking about the highest. This deep understanding of yourself – open access understanding of who You are. Of course, in addition good if You understand how does the personality of the person what elements it is composed, the sequence in which it develops, what stage of development is. This will accelerate the development process.

Key to that realization is to understand that you are not you actually. as a child You gave ten beliefs, taught to act and think anyway, given ready-made recipes life and success. You have created 3-5 years of age, my model of life associated with these programs and maps, and I think that this is you. But awareness is beyond these programs, in order to understand that this is a stupid program of your life, which you received in childhood and which can be changed and rewritten...

the Way to unity:

Turns out, that the differentiation of the man begins from early infancy and starts just the same with the subcaste, i.e. fine motor skills, emotions. Next, the child develops part — how to walk, to speak, to get what you want. Further, the idea is that there is a level of sub-personalities and identities that allow us to successfully fit into society, but in most cases this does not occur or is very weak. Man remains at the level of parts and subcosta more successful create-to identity and personality bosses, wives, mothers, dads and the list ends.

the Path to the transpersonal state of oneness just is through awareness and knowledge of themselves as subcastes as part of as subpersonalities, as identity and first.

Here lies the whole difficulty. You need to know yourself, as different parts, at different levels of development, and then here is the most difficult time to abandon the illusion that this is the real me and move on. Thus gradually, as growth in levels of consciousness, it is becoming more holistic. This occurs smoothly and slowly. And after this a complete fusion into a single unit. Because that's what you come to his personality – revealing your uniqueness and genius and through it his Self, Essence and Soul.

that's it. Until we meet again. With respect Dmitry Pot.

Pot Dmitry
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