the Man thinks always strive to know yourself better. There are many ways of typing the man, as classic science and applied. People are divided according to their horoscopes, skin colour, nationality, describe color of eyes and hair, temperament, the shape of the ears, nails and body type, way of thinking etc. etc. Today I tell you, dear readers, take a look at yourself from the point of view of levels of awareness. There is an opinion:

Awareness is when you understand the cause of what is happening, know the way actions and realize the consequences of these actions at any time. The level of human consciousness can be divided into four types:

1. Sleeping is the "happy" people living the unconscious life as a "vegetable." Stationary jet: beat-shout, not beat-silent, just live. They have no ability to change anything. Live by the principle sayings: "If God gave you wings, you flew. If you don't want to move, God gives you a kick in the ass. In either case, you're flying anyway, the only question is – how do you feel?" You either have freedom of maneuver, either ill the fifth point, which you've got acceleration. The trajectory of these flights from the "pink" predictable and calculated. Over time leads to a worst-case condition because of the injuries from such "kicks" get sicker and sicker. What comes to a man: while he's young, good looking(not talking about looks) – it all seems to be how it is, but as it does not use its qualities, and quietly squanders them, then very quickly it becomes not so good, not so successful. He does not live a real life, dreams of a reality that could happen to him. He scolds everyone and everything, all are guilty that his life has not worked. To talk to such a person is usually very boring. He doesn't hear, he's on the wave, in the "lecturer" and all the time talks about what life is foul stuff. Change the faith of such a person is quite difficult. His faith is very simple: life is shit! And this shit inevitably happens to me.

2. The awakening – those who opened his eyes, looked around and ,pardon me,freaking out from what they have created in their lives. They would like to say that all are guilty, but they already know everything or almost everything in their lives they have created with their own hands, but openly they do not talk about it. And imagine what a lie do not want to! Such people have no concept of causality, they have the concept of guilt – I to blame in what is happening. And it is a real HELL. Hell is hell because they have no tool to change anything, but they have adopted from a sleeping state, a set of habits that told him: you fucking schmuck, you're not fit, you're an asshole and your life "stinks" just because you others may not be, etc. So people live a very painful and they frantically start looking for some purchase. Such support can be a faith(not only religion). Thank you that there is such a thing. Faith points the way to something bigger, giving support and opportunity to stop at least something to blame yourself and to gradually awaken. What pain these people disbelieve, distrust of themselves, do not know what they want, but clearly understand that I do not want that society (success criteria). Not used to feeling your desires and give yourself reflection. When there are no desires, man does not know where to go. When he begins to get acquainted with their desires, they are so trivial, something so unspiritual, they are household – to eat, sleep, not enough love and protection. And it turns out that most people live in a deep depression exactly because they have not built a normal household, T. S. basic needs. They have not been taught how to take care of themselves. How to close the basic needs? They do not dare action, they can only be solved by changing the own structure of the psyche. Why? Each person has a basic right – the right to life, but, unfortunately, for one reason or another, the man himself without realizing it, deprives himself of the right. as an example: mommy, from the best motives, of course, told your child so hard it gave birth, almost died. Heard child? - I almost killed my mom and he forbade himself to dwell. In the future this ban manifests itself in different ways - from overtime work up a sweat, lack of rest, to various stimulants in the form of alcohol and drugs. the Awakening is bad, they need support, it is necessary to something to join, to something that gives a tool for change. The problem with awakening is that they want some magic pill that will allow them to move out of state, "God, how bad is it" to "I am the Creator of my life." It is a good desire, but impossible. According to them, the transition should occur at the wave of a magic wand, and not to affect the aspect of their own work, work on yourself.

3. The awakened - those who understand what they do, how to do it. And put a lot of effort to build his life according to the rules. This is a fairly short period of time(compared to the whole life), just 2-3 years and the person goes into a state of mindfulness. Two or three years people that is called "plow" on themselves, constantly using different tools***. This life is funny. Reality becomes shaky, it is changeable. That's where people directed their attention starts to evolve and improve. He sees a huge number of options where he can direct his attention. But the attention he still not used, not configured, not automatically transform reality and he has to put much conscious effort to the reality began to change. He sees tools, he sees the results of applying these tools. 2-3 years practice person goes into a state of mindfulness. What is awareness: you understand the motives, you understand the ways you choose the best possible course of action. You don't live on the machine, not in reactivity, and you build your life and your destiny. Consciously translate itself in a mild recession, which makes you develop and learn new areas

4. Lucid - such a person has no limits, he can afford almost everything! It is not associated with any commitments, it is not about what someone is waiting for something. He always agrees and is able to rebuild their lives so that to enjoy it. And he builds his life on the principle: "What do I really want? More precisely, what leads me, my soul?" To be on the level of awareness is possible only when you know what leads to your soul.

***Tools – for some it can be prayer, for someone in psychological practice, for someone spiritual practices.

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