There are pros and cons (as with any phenomenon, however) in the popularization of psychology.

Not so long ago, for many people became known magic triangle of Karpman. And all would be well, if he had not become a large part of these people an excuse, not the impetus to change.

Many of the people don't even get to the interpretation of these roles, and they just like to proudly carry the conviction “I am the Savior" and reinforce this behavior. Meanwhile, the current role is not static, but are periodically changed.

help for those who never heard of the triangle or, just not go forward:

Savior is not hero.

theVictim is not weak, unhappy man.

Pursuer is not strong and powerful man.

Who are they?

Savior is a person who helps other people, even if it isn't asked, at the same time, in pursuing their goals (even unconsciously). It may be the desire to feel important, raise self-worth, to escape from problems in their lives.

theVictim - avoiding responsibility for his life. And how best to avoid liability? To find someone who will take this responsibility. For example, Savior or aggressor. In this case, all the troubles to blame “they” and not the man himself.

Aggressor - a rather complicated role. Very often, inside the aggressor feels weak and vulnerable, and tries to compensate at the expense of hard domination and control over family.
But hitting them with the fact that they behave in a destructive, become a victim, and Savior: “it's not my fault I like the best, and I had to defend myself, because I was attacked”.

In fact, each of these roles brings a lot of suffering, the situation seems to him insoluble. Subconscious processes can be deeply buried inside. And the output in all cases one is to take responsibility for their actions, for their decisions and their behavior. That is, for his life. One way out, but is given to people is hard enough and with great reluctance. Alas!

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