today I Read on Facebook from Aziz Ochilov, I don't know who this person is, but what he posted, I responded.

He said: "I understand how to choose a woman.
Need to take a woman and describe her adjectives - what is it?
Then delete the word "woman" and substitute the word "life."
And if you love this life so, this is your woman."

And indeed, men the woman, creating the life in which he will live. If he looks at a woman and understands the restrained and dry, or filled, deep river, easy and generous feelings, or closed, confusing or clear, simple, easy enough to understand, yours or not yours. To each his own and only the man himself can decide what woman he wants to be, then of course yourself and find out if you have chosen with your eyes closed..

But for the women who man, can this formula be transferred to the choice of your man? Only if the woman is really "gives" man life and the feeling of life, whereas for women, the man as an able ruler her life and her resources. And then we can understand, and if I'm ready to let such a person "a steward" in his life. What will he do with her? If he's frugal, prudent, protective and protects, stimulates and brings useful in it, Yes. If he first saves his life, cares for her, improves her through deeds and actions, which it retains, actively developing in the outer life enriches internal, family and women, Yes.

But if on the contrary, he razgrablenie, worsens, makes resources, is fighting with her, darkens, and drains through the violence and humiliation of trying to destroy it, then no. If he brings back only the garbage and rot, uses wear it and its fruits, then no.

the metaphor of the garden and the gardener is often used in the psychology of relationships, the garden and gardener are different goals and objectives, and have one common and most important, they are pleased with and bestow to each other across difference of task. And, we are exchanging portion opposite each other, making common cause, grow harvest. The purpose of relationships is transformation and growth, development of our difference and the constant search for compatibility, because nowhere in the relationship between a man and a woman, it's impossible.

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