Who are all these people who live inside of me?


a human being is very complex, not easy to understand themselves and more difficult in others. In this article I will touch on very interesting aspects of our personality, understanding of which will reveal a deeper level of knowledge.

have You ever watched the movie "Sybil"? If not, be sure to do it. The Director very successfully managed to convey a picture of a woman, the identity of which is broken up into many separate persons. Exciting to see what this personality when they arise, and most importantly what you want. Of course, the film shows the mental disorder, but something similar is in each of us is normal. I mean subpersonalities.

We are born knowing nothing about the world, and the main task facing us is to adapt to the environment. In this way we are confronted with different experiences. We absorb various roles, settings, messages. Sometimes, we can go through any serious events that need to learn to deal. All this is the basis for the emergence of sub-personalities.

It can feel as if we have different people who are different from each other, can behave differently, have different desires and needs. Each person will have a different set of phenomena, but the most common. I will describe only some of them.

"the Inner child" - our children's part, very often injured. As a rule, access to this personality gives a lot of energy and creativity, of spontaneity, but the injuries need to heal.

"Critic" is born from the parent regulations. In the case where parents were very strict to the child, especially to his achievements or requirements did not match his capabilities, then this part can be very strong in man.

"Various roles" - mother/father, wife/husband, employee, daughter/son, etc. They are imperatives for how we should behave to fit the role.

"Subpersonalities associated with dominant state" - a disturbing, aggressor, ashamed, guilty, etc.

Often, the person contains a personality, desires which are directly opposite. For example, "worry" wants everything in life was measured, without any unnecessary surprises, so he doesn't like to take risks and to do what he is not accustomed, on the other hand, the "adventurer" is even all that fond of. Intrapersonal conflict occurs that requires resolution.

have You ever noticed that you start to argue within himself with himself, so it may be the voices of your different personalities. Very useful to explore this aspect of his personality, to make notes on each detected part (to describe it, to understand and as a result, when it did, what it wants and what its main purpose).

In his work, when talking about internal conflict or the constant dialogue that the man has with himself and he had this becomes unbearable, I suggest to refer to the personalities who are behind all of this. As a rule, bring significant relief.

Buraka Maria
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